Friday, January 7, 2011

[WOD] Austin By Night- Session 13 (as Eile, sort of)

 A snapshot of what I know happened. No quote as I really wasn't involved much. I was waiting for a couple things to resolve and wound up spending much of the night out of scenes.

Werewolf stuff to my knowledge:

a) Ed has made a few blanket statements. Avere, Coyote Joe, Memento all have full access to the house. TK and Terrance have some access to the house, with his involvement/permission required. Eile is not allowed in the house, ever. (And his emphasis on *ever* was really strong.)

b) Another Irraka was added to the pack.. I only know sketchiest of details on this.

c) Avere and Coyote Joe were announced (through Cahalith calling) to be allies of the pack. Any harm that comes to them will be met with retribution. (I am pretty sure the harm has to come from Uratha related sources, but not sure. It might be ANY harm.)

d) January is fasting month to honor Brother Dreamcatcher's ban. No hoarding of food/essence, just enough to keep alive. IE you can't draw from the locus, you only get back what you gain from sleep. (I am not sure what else there might be, this is what I know I heard the ST saying.)

e) Mutual non-aggression agreement with Memento (might not be new)

f) Bruce is on the 'watch list' (from what I understand. I heard this early on in the night, it might have changed after other things happened). If he is seen in territory wearing silver- take him down. If he is seen in territory without, bring him to Ed.

g) Challenge made (through Cahalith calling) to Alpha of Blood Talons pack by Alpha of Omen pack. (I am pretty sure the wording was:  The Alpha of Omega pack issues a challenge to the Alpha of Blood Talons pack. If you don't respond, we know what your colors are.)

h) This one I only heard snippets on, but marking of expanded territory and/or into Blood Talons territory (?) began.

Other things:


--Reece (new player, Vampire) and Waco both check (separately) with Eile to see how TK is doing. She is very tight lipped and refuses to let either of them see him. Reece indicates that TK is somehow under investigation and tries to intimidate Eile into letting him talk to TK. Eile is steadfast and refuses to divulge any information or allow a visit.

-- TK and Avere had a long dream sequence that caused TK to regain consciousness and come back to reality. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk to TK's player before he left for the night to resolve a plot there.

--At beginning of "down time" (time outside of game- which our ST uses EXTENSIVELY), Terrance went to the Hedge on his own. He wound up in trouble and unconscious, on the outskirts of town. He has been out of touch for 2 weeks due to this predicament.
-Terrance woke in a hospital. He was in and out of consciousness, but he remembers being operated on, hearing Bruce's voice describing Avere's Seeming to someone out of eyeshot, being strapped and cuffed to a metal chair, and having stitches in his upper shoulder and along his spine.

--Terrance returns to the Hedge Row, where a very concerned Eile tries to find out what happened to him. He relates his general tale to her and asks her if the two of them should involve the Omen pack (due to history of Raaf seeming interest in helping Terrance). Eile decides this might be a good idea for reasons of her own (specifically trying to get Bruce dead).

--Eile sends Raaf a text message, saying they need to talk ASAP.

--Raaf calls back, and says he won't talk unless someone is in danger. When Eile relates that she believes Terrance is in danger, he gives Eile directions to the Tur, but says to wait until he calls back to do anything.

--Raaf calls back and wants to bring Ed along to talk but not at the Tur. Eile and Terrance agree and meet them on the street in front of the Omen pack house.

--Ed makes it plain Eile is not to come any closer to the house than where they are standing. The group talks and discusses the whole situation with Terrance. Terrance is most upset that another member of the "family" (Avere) has been threatened and someone who does not need information regarding the Lost has a LOT of detail. It is agreed that Omen pack will talk to Bruce and get back to Terrance with a resolution. Terrance agrees but indicates that if he doesn't like the resolution he may have his own.

[As all this is happening, Eile is standing in a protective fashion in front of Terrance, who is twice her size and three times as tough. Ed and Raaf both notice and say something, which Eile ignores.]

--Omen pack talk to Bruce. Bruce's player makes a colossally funny slip of the tongue trying to talk himself out of being beaten to death by Ed's hammer, which may have saved his character's life.

--Terrance and Avere talk again. Terrance tells of his adventures in the Hedge and learns you can show your seeming. He advises Avere that someone has seen her and she says she knows, it was ok- she showed someone (and indicates who with Avere-speak). Terrance lets her know someone OTHER than who she thinks she showed knows. He won't tell her who unless she promises to let him deal with it, which she won't do. They leave the conversation at an impasse.

--Terrance, Eile, Waco and Reece all at bar. Memento, Calin (new Mage) also present. At some point Bruce comes in and proceeds to get trashed. Terrance stalks and sulks. Bruce leaves as do Memento and Calin. Tensions lower.
-Terrance and Eile enter into a somewhat veiled conversation about what to do regarding Bruce, as he has been "let go" by the Omen pack. Reece and Waco are both present for this conversation, which discusses potentially killing Bruce, eating him, or leading him into the Hedge. BOTH Terrance and Eile make their clarity rolls for this outright plan to behave like The Others, and continue it. Eile does try to warn Terrance that maybe Waco shouldn't hear what they are saying, but Terrance misinterprets all of her warnings as encouragements. Reece leaves because he has no idea what is going on. 

I know quite a bunch of other things happened, but I am not sure what any of that was.


  1. Sounds like another action packed session!

  2. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed at where I have my character at as far as involvement, and I need to talk to the ST and try and change that. Of course the way this last session ended, I could be involved very, very quickly and not in a good way.

  3. small insert, Terrance was made clear to enter the house and all, which I find hilarious compared to Eile. Oohh Well, Got bigger Game to Stew!