Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is Friendship, Part 2

A while ago, my dad announced to both of my kids that he would take them on AN ADVENTURE. The adventure could be to nearly any place of their choosing, and would last roughly a weekend. Assuming their choice of destination and adventure was attainable, he would take them and they would have a blast.

He put some minor limits on the adventure criteria. It had to be in the continental US and needed to happen when the weather was warmer. He made a couple of suggestions, but ultimately, the choice was made by my kids.

My daughter decided to visit New York, New York.

I hit up my alien friend almost immediately and let him know my family would be traveling to his city. He asked me when, and assured me that he would be nothing less than a gracious host. He worried endlessly about the weather (spring in New York is fickle), and fussed about the subway. He made many faces at the idea that some scrub might bother my kid or my dad, and promised to keep them safe.