Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Business] Today's Adventure

See this guy? He's all alone. He's doing it wrong. 

Today's brief discourse will be on the need for backup of some sort. 

While what TheDude and I have is pretty unusual, most of the FLGS folks I know have some sort of help. They have learned that they don't know and can't do everything, and have hired out for the things they just can't do themselves. 

It might be taxes, or web design, writing a policy manual or cleaning the floors; sometimes you need someone else to do the work. 

Other times, you need someone who shares your vision and understands what you are all about. There are times when you need someone to listen to the static in your head and help decipher it into reality. 

TheDude and I went on a little adventure today. Honestly, either one of us could have gone alone- there was no need for both of us to be involved. We trust each other and feel good about the decisions we make as a rule. But we voted to go together "just in case" something came up that we wanted the other around to help 'figure out our brain'. 

When something is bothering me or I can't figure it out, I tend to be quiet and let TheDude talk. Funny thing is, given the chance, the man can talk circles around me. So usually, while he is blabbering away, I'm figuring out whatever has me twisted. 

Today, he saw me mulling something over in my head, and asked me about it.  As I was telling him what my concern was, he blerted out the same thing, and we sort of chuckled. 

We left our adventure, and went on our merry way,  feeling somewhat better that we had a line on each other's  thoughts and we could count on each other.