Saturday, December 18, 2010

[MtG] Rethinking a Thought Experiment

So Dethtron over at HoP asked the readers to write themselves up as a MtG card. here's his exact wording:

If you got your very own Magic: the Gathering card what would it be?  Design yourself in the context of MtG.  Feel free to link to a picture if you feel it's necessary.  Use standard text notations for your card and be sure to include a casting cost, power/toughness (if you're a creature), special rules you may have, and a quote for the text box on your card.
I made a submission and then realized it wasn't entirely legal, so I changed it. Now I'm thinking about it some more, and I need to change it again.

Here's my original, followed by my correction.

Loquacious 5U
Legendary Lady 3/5

Vigilance (attacking does not cause Lady to tap)

(Kicker)2W (You may Kick as many times as you like)

If Lady was kicked, generate a 2/2 White Minion creature for each time Lady was kicked

T Lady and all Minions become unblockable until end of turn.

"YOU try to stop her!"

I just realized I did that wrong. It should be

2W & sacrifice a Minion Creature- Lady and all Minions become unblockable until end of turn.

(Tapping would defeat unblockable, duh.)

Well, I was close, but no cigar. Here we go, this time for the last time, I hope.

Loquacious 5U
Legendary Lady

Vigilance (attacking does not cause Lady to tap)

(Kicker) 2W (You may kick as many times as you like)

if Lady was Kicked, generate a 1/1 White Minion creature for each time Lady was kicked.

(t) 2W: generate a 1/1 White Minion creature

3W & Sacrifice a Minion Creature- Lady and all Minion creatures become unblockable until end of turn.

"YOU try to stop her!"


I made her as a Legend to avoid a lot of the "destroy target creature" or "creature" specific cards.  I realize that as a Legend, she would work "better" as a White creature rather than a colorless. I mean, she can't be a General in an EDH army because there are white symbols on her card but not in her casting cost.

I sort of did that for a reason- I'm a terribad leader. I am, however, very persuasive when I want to be. I also wanted some insulation from many of the pro (x) cards out there. As a colorless, she would have less to worry about overall.

So, MtG players, (or friends in real life) any thoughts?

And what about your own?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action - (Session 9)

It's a matter of time
one of us walks out that door- Carlos Santana (featuring Eagle Eye Cherry), Wishing It Was 

Sometime in last session, Jumpshot "assigned" Freestyle the job of checking out local wuji shops in an effort to find anything in the way of information on leylines, or the funky symbol that was at the bottom of one of the notes Lisa found. (Why did he assign this job to Freestyle? Freestyle is the only born & bred local, and the thinking was that he'd have a better shot at finding something than some outsiders.)

So Freestyle & Jumpshot go their various ways to try to find something helpful. Jumpshot uses the ever-popular "yellow pages" search method, while Freestyle looks around the old fashioned way. Using both the phone book and Freestyle's knowledge of the area, they eliminate the "obvious" touristy places and narrow their search down to three shops.

They are as follows (with silly in game nicknames following):

Kamaimai's Chest (Mayonnaise Chest)
Olone' Books (Alone Books)
Legends of the East (Legends of Yeast)

They visit Kamaimai's Chest first. Jakel takes a look around and finds "no hippie shit", so he hopes it is a good option. It smells OLD, with towers of bookshelves with various old books in assorted languages all over the place. A middle aged Hawaiian woman works the counter. She's pleasant enough, but the store doesn't seem to have anything Jakel is looking for, so he heads on to the next location, which is around the corner.

The next store is Olone' Books, whch is everything KC was not. It's clean and well lit, with dedicated sections for various types of books- and an exceptionally helpful staff. Jakel finds 3 or 4 books on the "Dragon Roads" at this location, and finds out he wasn't the only one to buy one specific book. This nugget of information is not immediately helpful, but definitely interesting to Jakel. Meanwhile, the young lady working the counter flirts with Freestyle to no avail.

[If you know the dragon roads, you can use them like other roads and step onto it. It will take you to other locations touched bny the roads.- Example of info from books. All theory, no proactical examples.]

The two part ways at this point and Jakel finds his way to the next shop, Legends of The East. It is settled in the Chinese section of town, and looks like this:

The traditional looking Chinese curio shop is tended by a short, elderly Chinese man with a long, white beard.  (Think Pei Mei.) He greets Jakel and the two talk for a while. At some point, Jakel starts inquiring about the "Dragon Roads"/ley lines, and the Chinese man talks a bit about how the ley lines work and so forth. We have a winner, folks.

Further discussion reveals that the old man is quite adept at using perceptions to his advantage. He continues discussing the dragon roads and tells Jakel that he can open doors into the paths. Jakel calls Lisa to tell her the news, and she makes her way over to visit the guy in person. 

We discover that his name is Paiyun Fo, and that he is the former owner and current Master of the Hiping Su school of martial arts. This same school will be hosting a tournament shortly, and Steel Warrior is very interested in attending the tournament, as the Master is very well known and regarded in the marital arts community. 

Lisa arrives and chats with Paiyun Fo, who displays tendencies of some form of mental abilities. Lisa wants to know what the gentleman will want in exchange for opening a door, as she's entered into some dubious deals lately and is not in a hurry to start again in the deal making. 

Paiyun Fo talks about  the concept of guānxì, which at the very simplest translation equates to "a favor for a favor". He explains he wants no payment now- just the assurance that the Ultras will offer him a favor in return at some future date. 

He says that making the token to open the door will take about a week, and that if 'Nani is still on the island, she is in the volcano, where only ley lines can reach. He asks Lisa for some personal item of 'Nani's to gain a sense of her essence to help make the token, and he tells Lisa that she should be more forthcoming with the remaining Ultras about her relationship with 'Nani and what's really going on. He also indicates the weird symbol on the note was a signature- a needlessly complicated signature. Paiyun Fo believes the person that left probably thinks he is smarter than he truly is.

The group thanks him for the hospitality and tea, and leaves for the remainder of the evening. 

Other things that took place:

SteelWarrior walked out a "map" of the ley lines (which we will get as soon as the GM draws it)

Lisa got a copy of the last agreement made by 'Nani with the Japanese firm (but hasn't read it yet)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[WOD] Austin By Night- Session 11 as Eile

Uncertain of what the balance held-  Lauryn Hill, To Zion 

Snapshots/overview of the action:

--Eile visited David at the pack's home. She was looking for Raaf, but David had things he wanted to convey to Eile. Without explicitly saying so, David showed Eile the pack's territory. He also made it clear that Eile should not come by just for a 'social call'; she needs a reason to visit. David inquires about Bruce's stability to Eile, as Eile is currently rooming with Bruce. Eile's reply is not positive. David discusses a few other things, mostly inconsequential. He indicates that he might be a possible "sponsor" for Terrance's entry into the fight club. His behavior and attitude are markedly different than in the past, much more aware of responsibility and appearances of being an alpa than he appeared previously.

--Eile is at work and gets summoned to Duncan's office. He puts her on notice that she's not to get physical with a customer again, and that future problems are to be brought to his attention. He asks Eile her opinion of Bruce as well as that of Terrance. Eile vouches for Terrance and indicates her distrust of Bruce. She also tells Duncan she has an idea for raising the money and that she'll share it with him later. Duncan admits he's in over his head but has NOT made a pledge, which was Eile's fear.

--Duncan promoted TK to manager of Hedge Row. Fired Bruce due to fallout from incident in which Bruce chased Axel Axel out of the bar and then went after him later with a gun drawn.  Duncan gave Terrance Bruce's job and a token of some kind. He also asked Terrance to help him gather GoblinFruit, giving him the idea to ask Avere how. [Terrance does not know how to enter the Hedge due to back story.]

--Eile worked at the bar. TK, Avere, Axel & Waco all present. Eile finds out about TK's promotion. There's a very strange period where Avere is waiting for Duncan, and she completely ignores Eile.  Eile asks about Avere's recent trip to the hospital and Avere's reply ("you heard wrong" ) tells Eile a lot [but exactly what it means, Eile is still considering].

-- Raaf is at the bar with Te. Raaf wants to find TK because he wants to know if Te (a very attractive female) can stay with TK for a while until some things get straightened out. He relates all of this to Eile.

-- Eile finds a moment to talk with TK alone. They sit outside the back of the bar, talking about various things. Eile reveals that she has a plan to drum up the money that Duncan needs for the bar, but she fears TK won't like it. As the plan becomes clear, TK indicates that he's not a fan and doesn't want Eile to do it. He then asks whether the two are still a couple. Eile answers in the affirmative, and then changes the topic. She asks for directions to a local free clinic; which worries TK. Eile promises that she's not sick, just in need of a checkup. After a few more moments of talking, TK breaks off the relationship with Eile. Eile is a little surprised, but takes it with grace. TK then seems to want to make up (maybe just for the sex) and Eile rebuffs his advances.

--Raaf calls Eile on the phone while the conversation with TK is taking place. Raaf says that the meeting to negotiate for Terrance's entry to the fight club has to be postponed, but that it's a go. Raaf tells her that things might get rough for a while and to keep her head down.

--While the event below is going on, Eile and TK are visiting a free clinic. Eile goes in alone, and comes back with a piece of paper that she consults several times, appearing confused.

[The following is a pretty important event. Eile was not there and I missed some moments. It's my best attempt at an overview.]

Omen pack is attempting to take back some disputed territory. They have Te and Victor with them, both of whom are not yet (to my OOC knowledge) pack members. As they attempt to take back a certain amount of territory, they encounter the abomination (dog/fear) spirit that killed Jak, as well as his pack of dog spirits. A fight ensues. A signal of some sort has been established, and the signal goes out. The fight continues. 

Axel Axel, Avere & Waco arrive on the scene. Waco has Memento's dog spirit with him, which allows Memento to "see" the fight. (Mind link, essentially) The dog spirit (I think his name is Bane?) is pissed by the existence of werewolves in the area. Waco gets him to stay, but he (Bane) does NOT like it. His resonance is transmitted to Memento, who keeps an eye on the fight. 

Very shortly after this, others make their presence known. It appears this fight is with the Ghosts, a pack of Irraka. Stealthy and well established, the Ghosts start making attacks at the Omen members. The Omen pack have their OWN Irraka, who is mentally communicating (via Totem powers) whatever she sees to her packmates. The dog spirit picks up the Ghosts, and gets even MORE pissed. 

[The Ghosts found Memento nearly dead a while back and performed Rite of Healing on him, which was equivalent to torture to the Death Mage. They ALSO tried to rid him of his familiar, who appeared to them as a spirit that needed sent back to the spirit realm. Bane is NOT fond of these guys.] 

Memento starts making attacks through Bane's link, and then he lets Bane go. Bane attacks one of the Ghosts while Memento takes on another. Coytoe Joe arrives on the scene [I don't know why or when] and he gets embroiled in a fight with the Ghosts as well. Omen pack is taking on the Abomination and his pack while the rest of the fight is going on around them. [I THINK. They MAY have gotten involved in the Ghost fight as well.] Victor loses his roll vs Death Rage and is in Garoux, but Te has effectively held him down to prevent him from hurting anyone. 

Axel Axel apparently has the ability to channel a bear and was utilizing it during the fight, I believe grappling spirits to the benefit of Omen pack. [I don't know all the details here, I missed it.]

Memento materializes at the fight, bearing a shotgun with silver pellets. He and Coyote Joe start taking aim at Ghosts and spirits while Omen pack continues taking down the abomination spirit and his pack. Somewhere in here Coyote Joe was shot in the head by the Ghosts' sniper for 20 AGG damage. He had self healing on, and passed the needed check to remain alive. Memento sends him healing and they continue to attack Ghosts as Omen pack takes down the Abomination spirit and head back to their home. 

To my knowledge, the Omen pack defeated the abomination spirit & his pack as well as regained territory without any casualties. I also believe at least one of the Ghosts was seriously injured due to Coyote Joe and Momento.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Back!

While I'm not totally well, I am feeling tremendously better. A couple days off made a world of difference.

I mentioned a new schedule a while ago- I am still working on that. For now, I'm posting "Whatever" and trying to enjoy it.

I have some additions to my blogroll. I was chided for not sharing, so here are the goodies I remember adding recently:

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I hope you enjoy these guys. I'm still poking around some of the sites, so I haven't fully learned all of their interesting tidbits to share.

Be Well,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Silly

I am sorry to announce, I am officially-


I sound absolutely terrible. As my son says, I sound like I have a busted up whistle stuck in my throat. He wondered if I need to go to the doctor to have an operation to get my voice, instead of the squeaky I have. 

Weekly Whimsy will be postponed until Loquacious is able to be so again. At the moment, I'm stuck with 1-2 sentences, most of which sound pretty ridiculous. 

Be Well (Cause I'm not)