Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[40K] What NOT To Do

I didn't play this week (but it's ok, it was my choice) but I watched a lot of games. I heard some very interesting comments and generally enjoyed the guys at my local shop and their many opinions.

Towards the end of the night, I over heard a comment about Hunter Killers being kind of useless. I innocently asked what made them so bad.

A few of my most trusted friends proceeded to tell me why they were such a waste of points, and then went on to tell me about other things that were complete and total losers. They also pointed out why some of my perceptions of "bad" choices were WRONG

 and educated me on the very desperate need for Furious Charge in my army if I ever quit being a wussy and finally buy Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields and/or Lightning Claws. (Man, I had no idea they were so insanely good. I need some super fast-  like YESTERDAY.)

So for all you newbies out there- don't spend 10 points on a shot you can only use once a game and can't hit the Titanic or anything of equivalent size. Buy Tank Hunters for long distance guys or Furious Charge for close combat dudes instead. Don't buy a searchlight. Don't forget that plasma has a purpose. Use Land Raider Crusaders whenever possible (and if you are Black Templar, stay the ^&&% in the ride!).

I've shared some of the crazy-good wisdom of the 40K crowd... now share your best "Don't do it" pieces of advice ...someone will thank you later...