Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[40K] Some Real Content!

There was no 40K for the past couple weeks- due to a break between leagues or holidays or whatnot.

Last night kicked things off again, with a new league starting. This one is kind of an interesting twist on Planetary Empires--  there are two required lists. One is 200 point Kill Team list, and the other is 1800 point "main" list. You play a Kill Team game (sort of scouts, if you will) and whoever wins the game gets an advantage in the main game.

I had planend to sit this league out for a variety of reasons, but have since been convinced (read:dared/bullied) into playing, if nothing else, as a backup in case someone bails. Words such as "chicken" and "scaredy cat" were thrown around, and I just can't really have that, now can I? I sat out this week but should catch up next week with a quick early game and then a regular game as per the schedule.

I'll be busting out my Templar again for this league, and maybe I will get some painted colors other than "blue". (Despite advice to the contrary, Necron Abyss is NOT dark enough to be a proxy for black.)

Speaking of my Templar, despite not being fielded by me, they got on the board in a game.

Big Sword is having sharp words with me, as I allowed his faithful brothers to be proxied as Xenos by my best pal, who is new to 40K. He wants to play Orks. He has a friend who will loan him the models, but he forgot to send a list to the guy with the Green Dudes. My pal showed up last night and my Templar were commissioned to stand in as the Spores... with hilarious results.

The "orks" face down a Dreadnaught
My friend (BB) made his list based off of the models I had on hand- I brought my bag to help out a different friend (FunDave) and having the extra models made it possible for BB to play . BB's list was pretty kick butt for something he threw together in a couple minutes, based on what was available from a Space Marine player's bag.

The night was a blast- it's always great to get back to the guys, the fun, the camaraderie, and the games.

I'm afraid that I well and truly stink, though. My pal BB picked up the Ork codex and blasted out a list that had a veteran player on his toes all night- in less than 15 minutes. I've been trying to get better for a while now, and I still lose all the time. I read tactics, articles, strategy, net lists, advice and ask my friends for help- and still get smoked every time. I think it's a fact that I'm an easy win, and I just gotta deal with it.

Or maybe getting better will take more time for me, and I just have to keep at it. I'm hoping I'm a slow learner.