Saturday, February 12, 2011

[BIRTHDAY] Contest!!!! Is closed

Thanks for all your entries!!!!

Winner to be announced SOON.

Also, just wanted to tell you that I got my first present so far very early this morning.

The Dude, The Girl and The Boy got me the Storm Raven Gunship! I am still debating on BA, but I honestly don't care about whether I actually PLAY with it. It's another big red model to paint! WOOHOO!!!!

Happy birthday to me!

Friday, February 11, 2011

[RPG] Plot

I got so many wonderful comments on my Characters post! Thanks so much for sharing. I was reallys truck by how much I identified with some of the comments. I definitely agree that playing a character that allows you to be someone you're not is a fun (but tricky) thing!

One of my favorite characters, Jak, was just about opposite to me in every possible way. I liked playing him, but he was a constant challenge.

I'm really liking this series about the "core" elements of role-playing, and look forward to a lot of interesting discussions with you guys.

Plots seem to be a bit trickier. They're either great or terrible, in my experience. I've yet to be involved in a plot that was "meh", but I'm sure it's possible.

What makes a plot good? Is it personal involvement? Complexity? Depth and scope? Is it the interaction between the elements? Is it the resolution? On the flip side, what makes a plot bad?

How do you develop plots? What makes a plot seem natural and organic, versus railroaded or hammy? How do you incorporate mature (or silly) plots without offending? What do you do when your plot falls apart?

I can't wait to hear what you have to say! 

[WOD] Austin by Night: Session 14 as Eile

Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line
Baby this town rips the bones from your back
Its a death trap, it's a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we're young
`cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run
- Bruce Springsteen, Born To Run

[This may seem a bit truncated- we started late, and I was not as involved as usual due to some outside stuff.] 

The night begins with Eile  talking with Terrance. It's been several weeks since she's seen him, as he was staying with Ed at the Pack's house for a while. Eile's just a little jittery for reasons of her own. They're trying to find a solution to the problem of Bruce, who appears to be a direct threat to both of them in one way or another. Eile is struggling with Clarity, because the easiest answer seems to be the most appalling one- let Arcadia have him. She has decided against this, but her new plan is probably even more morally bankrupt, but is totally acceptable to Eile's modus operandi.

She goes to work at the Hedge Row, which quickly becomes full. Everyone from Memento, Calin, Bruce, Axel, to Keva, Reese, and TK show up at some point, and a new gentleman, Simon enters the fray. He works for animal control, and he's been called to the area to investigate a large animal sighting. The reports are of a lion, and the zoo has all of theirs in lockdown. Conversation bubbles around what could possibly be mistaken as a lion, and Eile tries to distract with tales of bears in California, and fails. Coyotes are mentioned as possibilities by both Simon and Reese, and Eile's already nervous mind has decided to make a break for it very soon.

Shortly after this strange conversation, Terrance comes back to talk with Eile, and announces he wants to come home. Eile tells hims this is fine, while being more than a little conflicted about how this will work. She now has to stick around at least a little, to help get her plan in motion.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[40K] Post # 200, Bat Rep #3 and Star Wars Imperial Guard!

I got in another 40K game during League play on Monday. It's an escalation league at 1250 points.

I missed the 1000 point games so I jumped from 750 to 1250. It's a big jump, and I'm not entirely sure I put together the best list to play- but I gave it a shot.

I played a CSM player whose list was roughly like this:

4 Oblits
2 Demon princes
10 Man Squad with mark of Khorne
Dedicated Rhino
10 Man Squad
Dedicated Rhino
someone on that list had Lash, but I don't know who (I think it was an Oblit???)

Mine was something like

7 Initiates, 2 Neophytes (1 power sword, 1 flamer)
frag & krak
Dedicated Rhino

7 Initiates, 1 Neophyte (1 lascannon, 1 flamer)
Frag & krak

2 landspeeders
1 Typhoon Missile launcher
1 Multimelta

Predator Annihilator
Turret TLLC
(side sponson las)

terminator Sword brethren
3 Storm Bolters, CCW
1 Typhoon Missile Launcher
1 Assault cannon

1 venerable Dred,
Extra armor

We used the ROE to determine deployment and neither of us liked the results, so we re-rolled to get pitched battle. My primary win condition was to destroy his objectives and my secondary was to hold any two.


Hey folks,

There are only a couple more days to enter. I got some BANGIN' entries in the past couple days and I am telling you, Iam glad to be a part of this community more and more each day based on the work I'm seeing. I can't wait to close the contest and give some great stuff away!

Reminder, the contest closes at 10:00AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, Sat February 12. (Yes, that's my birthday.) Send your entries by email (available in my profile) and good luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Weekly Whimsy] OOPS!

I completely and totally forgot to link to my Weekly Whimsy post from Sunday. I wrote it, mocked it up, and sent it on over to The House of Paincakes for your reading pleasure.

This coming Sunday, the post will be up here and over at the HOP, so double your enjoyment.