Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happiness in Progress

the knitting continues at a satisfying pace -

not too slow (as to make me infuriated) and not too fast (as to cause mistakes or ruin the fun of creating stuff)

I can really SEE an scarf developing out of this yarn.
It's stretchy! 

I never in a million years thought ruffles would make me happy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

More Creations Inbound!

I've been working on a whole bunch of different things. Lately, my creative urges have been all over the place and I want to try ALL THE THINGS before my interest wanes. 

So as a weird cross between a joke and a challenge, I decided to learn to knit. Despite all the teasing about being a little old lady, I really wanted to get the art of yarn in hand so I could say that I can do SOME kind of fabric work. 

My initial attempts were pretty horrible, and I got very frustrated. There was even some crying- and I don't cry over much. I decided to try one last time, but I bought larger needles and bigger yarn. It WORKED! 

This is the beginning of success. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wonder Continues

So it's been a long time, but things on my creative front have changed. I've got some new stuff I am working on, and my direction has shifted entirely.

This is one of the things I got for Christmas, and I am having a ton of fun learning how to use it.

It's a Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting machine. It's a super fun tool that allows me to use "cut files" or fonts, or shapes, or pictures on my computer, and then cut them out.

These are some samples of the kind of thing I can cut out with this machine. It has settings and adapters that will let me cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, acetate, cloth, foil, and even a setting to create etched glass patterns.

My creative corner just underwent a huge remodel, as I got some new storage options and I rethought how I wanted to be able to access my stuff.

I have stencils and masks hanging from thumbtacks on my canvas idea board.

I got this one as a Christmas gift- I've been drooling over it for MONTHS now. I can't wait to paint, stick, glue and glitter away.

From Hazel & Ruby 

I also got about five different stripes and chevron patterns. I have a verifiable problem with circles and stripes. (don't judge!)

Oh yeah. I also got paint and glitter. This can't possibly be anything but messy and fun!