Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[40K] Entering the fray

If all goes well, I'll be joining in the gameplay next week at the local FLGS. The scheduled league format is an escalation league, using some alternate battle/deployment scenarios.

The league starts at 750 points. I'm making both a BT and SW list, with hopes on deciding ...um, soon.

I actually have TWO BT lists, and only one SW one. Why? Mostly because I don't understand SW and how they work together. Plus, they're expensive.

As always- suggestions, comments on bad math or obvious rules violation concerns always welcome.

BT List #1
HQ: Chaplain, Master of Sanctity- 110

-attached Terminator Command Squad
1- Sergeant, Storm Bolter, power weapon, Furious Charge, Crusader Seals--45pts
1- Cyclone Missile launcher, Furious Charge, Crusader Seals-- 70pts
1-Chainfist, Furious Charge, Crusader Seals -- 50pts
1- Assault Cannon, Furious Charge, Crusader Seals -- 65pts
(squad total 230)

Troops Slot 1
7-  Initiates --112pts
5- Neophytes-- 50pts

Troops Slot 2

7- Initiates -112pts
3-Neophytes- 30pts

--Dedicated Transport-
Rhino with dozer blades, Hunter Killer Missile, Smoke Launcher, SearchLight, Power of the Machine Spirit --104 pts

Total 748

Advantages: I have all these models.
Disadvantages: Almost no CC, which is the "point" of BT, to me.

BT List #2

HQ: Chaplain, Master of Sanctity -110 pts

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad, Furious Charge, Crusader Seals- 225pts

Troop Slot 1
7-Initiates--112 pts
5- Neophytes--50pts

Troop Slot 2
7 Initiates--112 pts
3 Neophytes-- 30 pts

Dedicated Transport--
Rhino, Dozer blades, Hunter Killer Missile, Smoke Launcher, SearchLight, Power of the Machine Spirit--
104 pts

Total 743

Advantages: Much more CC/ "in your face", which is why I LIKE BT.
Disadvantages: Out of all those 25 terminators, absolutely no Assault guys. No TWC, No TH or Storm Shields anywhere. I'd either have to hope for "counts as", or do some trading.

SW List

HQ:Logan Grimnar -275pts (yes, I'm crazy)

Fast Attack: Skyclaw Assault Pack
1x plasma pistol, MotW
4 x bolter, CCW Total 120 pts

Troop Slot 1

3 Wolf Guard, Terminator Armor
2x power fist
1x chainfist, 1 MotW-- Total 149pts

Troop Slot 2
3 Wolf Guard, Terminator Armor
3xPower fist --Total 93pts

Heavy support:
Predator, TLLC- Total, 105pts

Total: 742 points

Advantages: I have all the models. I know what they look like (this is a HUGE plus for me as I am STILL learning what all came in the bags.) I would learn something about most rules that confuse me (Jumpers #1 on the list). I would have some serious shoot/assault options.

Disadvantages: It doesn't have any real cohesive feel, and I can't figure out any situations that would cause an instakill with this list.

So thanks for any comments... and now I have to see how a real game goes...


  1. As for cohesiveness, I wouldn't worry TOO much about it at this level. I think everyone will be in the same boat.

    For the BT lists, don't you need the Champion? Or is that only above a certain points level?

    I actually like the first BT list. Good bit of shooting will probably do well at that level. If the enemy's assaulty, you have shooting options, and if they're weaker than you in assault, you can shoot on the way in!

    Second list - I'd be wary of walking assault terminators. I think they should probably be saved until you can afford a ride for them. They will certainly draw some fire though!

    SW- again, walking assault (essentially) termies, not sure how well that would work out.

    Good luck!

  2. I need one over a certain points level, which is sort of a problem, since I don't HAVE one, or anything that can stand in as one. Still trying to figure that out.

  3. "If all goes well, I'll be joining in the gameplay next week at the local FLGS."

    Sounds exciting! I haven't posted about it yet, but my big project for 2011 is to build a 40K army, drinking the GW Kool-Aid in the process (after 10 years away from the Crackhammer mill). I'll be doing it mainly as a painting and modeling project and for fun pick-up games, but league play is a definite option. I'll have to go and observe some of the games at my FLGS before deciding...

  4. I don't know much about BT so I can't help there I am afraid.
    Any obvious mistakes with the SW I'd say not really. Well the Skyclaws don't really have bolters but bolt pistols. That means they have +1A but can only fire their measly pistols in the shooting phase. Also giving them a plasma pistol is kinda pointless because they cannot shoot on the same turn they charge (and you'd rather spend your time in CC with them instead of having them 6'' away and shooting with their pistols).

    Also don't give MotW to the chainfist guy. If he has that upgrade then (quoting the codex): "These attacks are made models' claws and teeth, and hence are not affected by, additional hand weapons and so on". In a few words it makes the chainfist useless. If you want to use it on the model you'd better not buy any other wargear for it (even the free power weapon from the terminator armour is wasted). Um, and 3 Wolf Guard in Terminator armour and Powerfist would cost 129 points not 93. Ok if you want to have a legal list it should be more like that :
    Logan Grimnar 275
    3 Wolf Guard 124
    Terminator armour, Power Fist
    Terminator armour, Chain Fist
    3 Wolf Guard (Terminator Armour, Power Fist) 129
    5 Skyclaw Assault Pack (Power Weapon) 105
    Predator (side sponsors lascannons) 120

    This is 753 points actually but I bet your opponents will forgive you for 3 points over :)
    Hope this helps and good luck with your games.

  5. Antipope: Do'h on the bolters/bolt pistols. I used my own personal shorthand on my notes and forgot to "translate" properly. Easy enough fix.

    For the Skyclaws, I can easily remove the plasma pistol- but a friend recommended I put SOMETHING "special" in there if I could, and plasma pistol is all I had.

    MoTW can be moved around, no problem.

    AH! I made that stupid SAME MISTAKE for the third time now on the cost of the WG. Crap.

    On the Pred: I don't have side sponson Lascannons =( I'll have to come up with something....

    Thanks VERY VERY much for pointing out my issues. On to fix them!

  6. In the first list, if you buy Furious Charge for your command squad you have to buy it for the character too.

    However, that command squad is tooled up for shooting, I would recommend buying them Tank Hunters instead. I would also recommend using two assault cannons rather than 1 cannon 1 cyclone. BT cyclones are not nearly as good as the vanilla marines.

    The second list has too many points invested in that Rhino. Dump all the equipment off that Rhino except smoke launchers and Extra armor. Use the extra points to buy meltaguns and/or heavy weapons for your crusader squads. Right now without special or heavy weapons, they are completely useless as shooters, and without the Emperor's Champion they are useless as CC fighters.

  7. Nikephoros: the Assault cannons are very possible.

    On the Rhino: It's got a dozer blade on it. I'm not super excited about taking it off... But I'll consider it.

    On the rest, good advice. I can probably do it. It's just a matter of determining what I have that fits the slots.

    There's just not a whole lot of CC in anything I got... so I'm trying to make do.

  8. " a friend recommended I put SOMETHING "special" in there if I could"

    Are you sure he didn't mean a special close combat weapon? I don't think the guys will ever get to fire it even once. Their special rule is:
    "If a pack of Blood Claws is within 6'' of an enemy model at the beginning of the shooting phase,that pack will forgo its shooting phase altogether as it prepares for a devastating charge..."
    If you got some special close combat weapon for them (power fist, power weapon) you'd rather use that.
    What side sponsors do you have for the pred? The twin linked turret lascannon is way overcosted in my opinion (45 points!!!).

  9. hey Loq, I'll try to crunch some numbers and see what I can come up with based on what it looks like you've got.
    I'm not a BT guy, as my primary focus is on how to make Sisters and Light armor brigades better (which BA's can do fantastically)
    It looks like you've got 1 rhino chassis, any more?

  10. oh yeah. you might also want to look at Chambers' Lust Wing (using Space Wolf Codex)
    It's an all Terminator force.
    Lust Wing:

    Battle Report:

  11. Try a proxy Emperor's Champion with the Preferred Enemy vow. MArines that hit in close combat on a 3+ is nice.Sure he costs a bit more than a chaplain, but he has a better weapon, the save invulnerable save, and a 2+ regular armor save. Plus he makes you close combat better. Think furious charging terminators that hit on 3+.
    Yes please I'll have some. If you drop the extra rhino points you have the points needed to take a emp. champ and cool 3+ to hit vow.

    Just my $0.02

  12. The new Preferred Enemy gives you re-roll to hit now. This is actually better than always hitting on 3+ (exept for WS9 and WS10 units but how often do you come across them?).

  13. I'll definitely be fielding an EC as soon as I get a model that's even remotely close.