Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drawing Winners and a New Arrival

Follower Random Drawing Winners to be revealed! 

So I went ahead and took all the names on my Blogger Follower list yesterday- I think it was 103 names in total, although a few appear to be dupes or jokes. I printed them out onto paper and cut the paper into strips, folded them up, and drew two names. [BTW, I got some great slave labor out of TheGirl, who is also helping judge the main contests. PS: She is 14 and easily excited, amused and distracted. SHINY contest entries are accepted gleefully on her behalf.] 

The winners are:

Greg Christopher



Congratulations! A newer addition and a long time reader are both represented with these two fellows, and I'm excited to share my World with all involved. Thanks for stopping by- you make this all worthwhile!!!!

Please email me (available in my profile) with some sort of header (ie Contest winner, Drawing Winner etc) to let me know how to get you your goodies. Deadline to hear from you will be Friday, February 11 by 9:00PM Central Standard Time, or I draw replacement names until 2 sets of goodies are given away. 

In other news, I am proud to introduce the newest addition to my Crusade, The Emperor's Champion. He comes to me courtesy of Von, all the way from the UK. He's a beast- and he has a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG sword.

Here he is!

He's making friends with my Templar crew now, whipping them into Ecclesiastic frenzy while telling them of his mighty exploits against Ork Warbosses, FarSeers, a Chaos Lord and more.

I can't wait to bring him to 40K night and lay the smacketh down. Yay! THANK YOU VON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Well,


Friday, February 4, 2011

[RPG] Characters

In talking about game development last week, I got some great commentary and insights. I loved the conversation and wanted to discuss the foundation for any game, the characters we play.

We all have a favorite character- that one manifestation of our imaginary selves that we hold near & dear to our hearts.

What makes that character more special or unique than any other? What causes them to be held so dear? is it a personality quirk? An awesome roll in a fantastic adventure? A plot hook that bit into you and just wouldn't go away? A release from the reality you were dealing with at the moment?

I'd love to hear about your characters and what makes them so fun and enjoyable to you! Please share your stories, because I LIKE hearing them. I'll be glad to share mine, if folks ask.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I hit 100 followers today!

I also got a fantastic present in the mail from a far away friend. (Pictures forthcoming on Saturday, when I announce the winner of the follower drawing.)

Thanks for joining in my madness.

I've never wanted to be wealthy- I just want to be wonderful.

Be Well,


[BIRTHDAY] Contest!!!! Update AGAIN

Hey folks,

After some consideration, I have decided to have a RANDOM DRAWING once I reach 100 and 101 followers so that everyone gets a chance at some goodies. I mean, why not offer my loyal readers a chance at some loot as well as the new folks? SO, once I get 100 followers, and then 101, I'll hold a drawing for some fun giveaways.

I also wanted to point out that my WOD page is up and fully functional. It's ready to explore!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[BIRTHDAY] Contest!!!! Update and Big News Revealed

I'm at 93 followers last I checked- only 7 away from my goal of 100 by my birthday. I'm excited about all the new readers and I hope I can bring you some fun stuff to keep you here! (Thanks for reading!)

There were no new entries into the contest this week- that's ok, there are still 10 days to enter.
Here's a recap of the contest and all the details for those that might be late to the party!

Contest 1 - Intended for the Wordy Folks (RPG players, language majors, word nerds)

Come up with a Motto/Slogan for World of Wonder.
Use 15 words or less to describe me and my blog. Funny, witty, and alliterative entries encouraged.

Contest 2- Intended for the Visually Minded (Graphic designers, artists, folks that play with computers)

Come up with a Banner for World of Wonder. ( 950x200-450 in size)
Use graphics, images, drawings or other visual media to convey my personality and my blog. Using references from older posts, repeating themes of posts or comments, or ridiculous riffs on stuff I've said are welcome.

What are the rules? 
1- No more than 4 entries per entrant. I don't care if they are all in the same contest or spread out over both, but you only get 4 chances.

2- It's my blog, and my birthday. I pick the winner of each contest with my own personal metrics.

3- You had a month to enter! Entries must be sent by email (available in my profile) and received by my birthday: 10:00 AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, Saturday, February 12, 2011.

What do I win? 

I am working on an awesome looty prize for each winner- but because it's a birthday, the presents are a surprise.They will most likely have some relevance to miniatures and/or roleplaying in some way. It's entirely possible I will tailor the prizes to match the entrant, but I am not telling yet.


Last week I said I would give a couple sneak peeks at the prizes. I'm still keeping it a surprise, but here's the first hint at the possibilities:

it could be one of these
Or maybe one of these
There are a lot more possible options. How am I able to do this? Well... I have connections. As in,

My husband (The Dude) and I OWN Armored Gopher Games

My little vacation this past weekend was to attend a local convention and sell some goodies to our friends, loyal customers, and new folks that are now part of our growing community. We love games and sharing them with others is part of our passion. A highlight of our weekend was the demo of DUST Tactics, the AT-43 "light" game from Fantasy Flight. One of our regulars showed off his copy to anyone who was willing to sit down and play. As a thank you to those who checked it out, our store gave some great swag away.

The INSIDE of Dust Tactics- a DEAD Sexy game

Because it's my birthday, I'm doing it again- giving away fun stuff to those that are part of my community. My blog is not really intended to be focused on on the store- but the store is a huge part of my life, and I want to share it with you. I hope you will join in my fun ramblings, and take part in the many adventures yet undiscovered!

[ A special shout-out to those of you who have known and kept it quiet at my request. I really appreciate your understanding and consideration to my feelings. It's meant a lot to me and I am glad to have you as part of my "family". ]

My blog is still all about my Weird, Wonderful, Womanly World- and all the things in my head. I've finally settled on a posting schedule (changed and revised to picking up another "day job") and hope to bring you some really awesome material in the days, weeks, months and more to come.

Don't forget to send your entry into the contest! Also, a special goodie for my 100th and 101st followers!

Thanks so much for your great feedback, advice, commentary and everything else you add to my wonderful online community. Please chime in with your thoughts, questions, comments and other musings about the contest and the news- I'm always glad to reply.

be Well,


Space Marines

This is where I will post links and information for Space Marines players.

 I do not have any at this time. 

Chaos Space Marines

This is where I will post links and information for Chaos Space Marines players.

I do not have any at this time. 


This is where I will post links and information for Eldar players.

I do not have any at this time. WIP as emails are being sent this week. 

Dark Eldar

This is where I will post links and information for Dark Eldar players.

I do not have any at this time. 

Blood Angels

This is where I'll put links and information for new Blood Angels players.


Space Wolves

This is where I will post links and information for Space Wolves players.

I have not heard back from blog owners to add links on this yet. 


This is where I will post links and information for Necrons players.

I do not have any at this time. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

[40K] Help for a new player callout: BLOOD ANGELS

So I'm not the only new player at the FLGS anymore! There's a new guy, Nick, who is super nice. I need links, links, links and MORE links to send his way for his Blood Angels. He's BRAND NEW- (played 2 games) and could really use some easy to understand strategy, tactics, codex discussion and more for his reading/learning pleasure.

Please help me help another new player! You guys have always come through for me... I want to pass it on.

Be Well,


[Coming Soon] Major Announcement

Folks, I have some fantastic, wonderful, exciting and just plain-outright awesome news to reveal later this week.

Look for it Wednesday in my Birthday CONTEST!!!! update- but I think you will really like it. I know I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Please tune in- and then tell me what you think once the big reveal is made!