Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[RPG][Wonderland] Creating Opposition

I have finally decided on a system to use for Wonderland. I'm going with Risus.

After considering about 6 systems (including Savage Worlds and Mutants & Masterminds) and talking to TheDude about running something I can't "sell", I decided to do what I wanted and worked best for my game idea, and stop trying to do what I "should".

The map has been made (although it needs serious cleaning up) and the setting(s) are defined fairly well, with a lot of room to breathe and change if the soon-to-be players mess things up, confuse me, or otherwise X+1 me.

The next thing I am working on is the "opposition"- the things the players will face in the environment, and decide motivations, mannerisms and so forth for them. Because as much as this game is ultimately intended to be a "players vs. the world" sort of idea, there will be things to Deal With.

Most of what the players face will be much like themselves, but maybe with different beliefs, reasons for doing things, or understandings of the fundamental rules of the world. At some point there will be conflict; or at least I expect so given this is a game and there is an underlying want to "kill orks for beer money" in many gamers I know.

Coming up with those beliefs, values and reasons is a lot harder than coming up with "what they look like". GM's, what is your take on making opposing forces?

How do you make them, what do you consider important, all those things- please share!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick Internet Hobby Fix....Aaaaaah. Good.

Hey, folks, SinSynn here.

A buncha stuffs has happened over the last couple of months that has led me to get significantly LESS hobby time than I'm used to.

*Writing a murder/suicide pact and going to find Lucy*
Here's a list:

- A gentleman driving his car down the Ultimate Rival's street has a seizure, and crashes into the gaming garage, wrecking it.
Insurance companies are still bickering about it. Estimated time until repairs begin: two months.
Seriously, this happened.

-The weather has gotten good, and the lure of 'hanging out on the block' has been too great. 
Shaking out the winter doldrums is a time honored SinSynn tradition. Combine this with the above, and not a lotta 'hobbying' is getting done.

-I had three FoW tournaments scheduled for this month, but two of them were mid-war. 
After spending some time reviewing the books, potential lists, etc, I came to the conclusion that mid-war doesn't really interest me, and bowed out.
Late war tournament on the 28th...Let's see if I can stop flitting about the neighborhood long enough to paint stuffs.

-The Crazy Lady I Live With is on her 'spring cleaning' trip, and I pretty much hafta follow her around and rescue my stuffs from disposal. 
Should I leave for any extended period of time, I'm pretty sure everything I friggin' own would be 'cleaned.'

Despite all of this, and some other annoyances like having to re-format my computer after a meltdown (all my tentacle porn! Noooooooooooo!), I'm a hobbyist, and I have an addiction.
...Good thing there's the Internet, where I can grab a quick fix.

The thing is, I don't have a hobby store to bum around in. Also, I don't have a single friend that games other than the Ultimate Rival. Not tabletop games, not video games, nuthin.'
Over the last couple of years, I've gotten more social, and I've made many friendly acquaintances via the Hobby. They all live an hour or more away, by car.
How can people live where there are no subways? I cannot unnerstan' dis.

*231st and Broadway in da Bronx, NYC. My stop <3*

The lack of proper 'gaming' in my city, considered by many (especially myself), to be the greatest city in the world (and it is), saddens me. I can walk twenty steps in any direction and get literally whatever I want (legal or otherwise), but I can't play a friggin' wargame.
Excuse me while I make this face:
Really, New York?

I buy my hobby stuffs offa da internet, too. I probably spend almost as much of my internet time on the WarStore as I do watching porn or obsessively stalking Megan Fox.
The porn is free, at least. Nyah.

I suppose we all go through lil' phases, where life grabs us by the boo-boo, and we drift away from our models a bit. Waddayagonnado, amirite? Stuff happens.
Right now, I'm enjoying a bit of quiet time, since the Crazy Lady is out on dog walkies. Maybe if my hobby desk hadn't been 'cleaned,' I would be working on something.

So here I am, typing a post (and yes, riffing and sharing my woes), and grabbing a quick Internet hobby fix.
Mmmmm....Dust Tactics unboxing at BoLS....

Dammit, she's back...gotta go.

Until next time, folks- Exit with catchphrase!