Sunday, January 2, 2011

[Weekly Whimsy] Breaking News

I was dreamin when I wrote this, 
forgive me if it goes astray.... Prince

I stayed out late last night, gaming. Went to bed at 3am with a shot of Nyquil because I'm STILL coughing from when I was sick 3 weeks ago.

Folks, I work at a newspaper, in the delivery/customer service department.

The presses broke down. Sunday papers are still pretty big around here, and the presses were down for HOURS. Papers were late getting out to carriers, and so delivery was going to be late. I got a call at 6 am, asking me to come into work to help with the phone calls. I was one of 8 folks there, taking calls as fast as we could

I had the beginnings of something in my head last night when I went to bed.

Between Nyquil, lack of sleep, personally taking 100-200 phone calls over a 3 hour period, and dispatching messengers out to assist/relieve carriers, I don't remember what the idea was.

Well, I sort of do, but it doesn't make sense.  Dethtron's repeated attempts to get me drugged up or otherwise mentally incapacitated may have finally worked... but I'm not sure I want to share what's in my head.

I don't think I can come up with anything FUNNY about vampires, waves and bombs all together... Maybe if it was boobs, I could.

I told you it didn't make sense...

I hope I can come back later after some rest with something real.


  1. I read once that context is very important for recollection, which is actually not such an odd idea. If you can put yourself back in the physical location and frame of mind, and eat and drink the things you'd eaten and drunk when the thoughts came, it might help. Then again it might not, but you could get a cool sense of deja vu.

  2. Sounds like a very sucky sunday for you! Hope you can recall whatever this was although female vampires surfing and throwing bombs sound very cool to me!

  3. There's definitely some sort of transatlantic blessing of Nurgle rolling around. I've been ill since the tail end of October, and still haven't been able to shake off whatever it is that's living in my thrat...

  4. My wife and were sick for almost a month before feeling close to normalish. It was like one illness overlapped the next or something. I hope you're able to start feeling a lot better very soon. Regarding Von's comment above, I too have recently become worried about the well-being of us bloggers. Could it be... [wait for it] ... a computer virus? Ouch, even just typing that was painful, sorry.

    I hope things pick up for you, Loquacious. Sorry about all the troubles you've had lately. Best wishes to you!

  5. I do hope you are feeling better. I was quite worried about you Saturday night, what with the very violent coughing fits you were having. i know it took my sister several weeks to get over whatever had her down.


  6. Get well soon! Also, the weekly whimsy has to be funny?