Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Car

Was wrecked by a hit & run dude last night.

You can see that he not only tore it up, but also knocked it from the street into the yard.

I really, really, really liked this car. A lot.

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 7) -REDUX


It's only half past the point of no return
The tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn
The thunder before lightning, the breath before the phrase
- Pink, Glitter In The Air -----------------------------------------------------------------

In the midst of a dark beach, a wide panning shot focuses on a long angular beachhouse. Formed of concrete and steel, at least two walls are cascading sheets of glass. The building is a fusion of stark modern design and sleek Japanese furnishings. Along a far wall, is a gleaming white surfboard, with the initials "LK" written in elaborate script across the surface. A smaller, deep red board, with ornate cherry blossoms stenciled onto it sits beside it. Sparsely appointed, with wide open spaces, very little of the living space is secluded.A simple folding screen guards the sleeping area, and a slight alcove seems to contain the facilities and utility room.

The sound of waves crashing and breaking lull in the background, drumming a dim pulse to the peaceful venue. Soft light, drifting ambiently from the moon filters in the space as the view moves into the area behind the screen. A traditional futon on a wooden frame, well stuffed and finely stitched is on the far left, nearest the wall. Nestled beside it, on the floor, is a simple futon mattress with Lisa, legs akimbo, sleeping soundly in her new getup.

[This is where I should have cut & run last time.So here we go- onto the action.]

Friday, November 19, 2010

[40K] Bitz!

So this is totally an improv post- absolutely not on the schedule, but it's something I need to know.

Where do you buy your bitz? For someone looking to get stuff not normally in the boxes, this is an important piece of information.

I'm specifically interested in melee weapons - Thunderhammers, Hammers, Axes, Mauls, Swords, Mace(s?), etc.

What are your favorite places? Who has good service? What search terms work well?

Thanks, guys!

[WOD] The Hedge Tales, Week 4 - The Delivery

[Where some of Eile's nature is revealed more fully; and where nuance means everything. Many deep thanks to Harald for some much needed guidance with this piece.]

Mouse does what he is told. He's precise and well oiled. His little gears tick-tock as he goes about his business, seeing to every detail within his purview. He's been here the longest, with Aimee close behind. He's become more and more like his prison, more mechanical and wound up with each passing moment.

Mouse's little eyes click at me, blinking an inquiry or brushing away an offense. It's hard to be sure with him. His mannerisms are tough to interpret, and his feelings are rarely his own. He's become an agent of the Throne; Her voracity has eaten almost the whole of him. My tendencies and talents are often lost on Mouse, and yet I continue in either amusement or petulance; I'm never sure which.

Terrance and I are talking in the middle of the room. Rena is propped up in the corner, quietly sleeping. Aimee is nowhere near, and neither is Clarice. It's my understanding that the rest of our Troupe have their own area. I assume Mouse checks on them as well.

Mouse nods his head in my direction, his neck whirring along with this head. I stride over to his post at the door. He murmurs something to me, his mechanical mouth clacking as the words whir out. I demur, moving my head in a negative fashion, and his response is to stammer, rattle and clank adamantly at me. I repeat my refusal, and take a moment to cock my head towards Rena, sleeping in the corner. I make a few gentle comments in Mouse's ear, talking slowly and directly. Mouse settles, and his noisy protests quiet into the sound of softly spinning gears.

I offer a few more words to Mouse and then head back to my conversation with Terrance. We talk of nothing important, carefully guarding ourselves of unchecked feeling or concern. As our discussion continues, we hear sounds coming from the corner. For quite a while, there’s an accusatory set of notes coming from Rena, pushing at Mouse with her strong sound and vibrant voice. Mouse persists, winding and whirring back at Rena. After some time, the tenor and tone of the sounds from the corner change.

I keep my composure as the little ticks, clicks and whirs escalate to buzzing, humming, and the sounds of springs in action. Behind the rhythmic staccato is an eerie wolfnote, the sounds of strings winding and descending, a squeak of rosin across strings, followed by a quick vibrato and then, after a long while, a duet. The ticking becomes a metronome; the strings begin to follow an unseen symphony, the odd music and machine working together.

The gears slowly begin to work faster, and the time in the music changes to a quicker beat. The tension of the two melds into a union of an unexpected chord, the pitch raising and the intensity gathering like clouds in a thunderstorm. Little bursts of steam start to escape from Mouse, and Rena is building a crescendo, her bridge bowing and heaving in time with Mouse. The metallic explosion and the long high C strike against each other in the quiet of the room, reverberating and echoing, very slightly discordant in the down beat.

Terrance has carefully been watching me throughout this concerto. I’ve been watching him as well, carefully looking for any movement, wrinkle or change in his stony face. Some of us are capricious and some are careful; yet we're always wary of Her presence. He’s much more like me than any of the rest, despite his appearance. His bulky, rocky masses are blunt, heavy and desperately grotesque. Each feature is turned and twisted in nearly unimaginable ways; coercing stares and gapes from those unfamiliar with his form.

Our hopes, watched and measured by that ever cool presence, are silent and obscured from the outside. I’ve seen a glimmer of desire in his rocky crag before, but I don’t think it’s for anything I understand. I catch it again now, as the orchestra pit and the conductor bid each other farewell. I haven’t understood Terrance’s interests before, but as I listen to Rena’s strings quivering, it clicks into place. I smell it, in the briefest of instants.

I incline my head, very slightly; knowing how dangerous this can be. Terrance slides back into his fa├žade, his dark glassy features obscuring his face from me. This moment is enough, and I tilt my head down, gently raising my ears in a warning.

I hear Mouse banging the door closed, and I know that he’ll be back He does what he’s told.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

[Mom Time] Being Challenged

Sorry for the delay in posting, folks. I seriously and honestly struggled with whether to post this, or leave it be. I'm not interested in bing one of those "Mommy Bloggers" that gains popularity and netfame due to the antics of their kids. But I'm pretty committed to being as honest as I can and offering a POV that maybe you don't experience everyday.

At the moment, my "Mom Powers", the formerly Superman like abilities possessed by many a mother, are being seriously challenged. One of my kids is causing me a lot of consternation and serious frustration; confounding me and my standard bag-o'-tricks.

It's not just my amazing hearing and back of my head-o-vision that's being put to the test; it's my very core beliefs about what I am as a mother that are being cut right through.

Being a good wife and a good mother are things that I take very seriously and doing a good job at raising my kids is truly important to me. These most recent developments have me wondering if I'm falling down on the job in the mom department.

After some serious thought, I'm very aware I could have it much worse- I could have a kid that is stealing, vandalizing, fighting,  taking drugs, or any number of much more serious offenses than the ones I'm facing.

At the core, the child in question is pretty good; just in serious need of a gut-check. I'm committed to making it happen, no matter how grueling it might be or how hated I'll be (for the moment)- because I know what I do today matters to how they turn out tomorrow.

So here's to challenges- I hope I'm made of tough enough stuff to take on anything they might throw at me!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[WOD] Austin By Night- Session 10 as Eile

lost in the maya
overboard in the sea
there was void and then that water broke
then something called "me"
now a trip to the desert to look at the sky
it's like never-ending mirrors
playing tricks on my eyes
- Live, Face and Ghost

Personna Dramatis:
Eile -Changeling (myself)
Terrance- Changeling (Bb)
Raaf- Werewolf (B)
David X- Werewolf (G)
Ginger- Werewolf (S)
Dottie- Vampire (Ss)
Bruce- Hunter (TheBoy)
TK- Geist (E)
Avere [Not present in any scene I played in, but very important to several conversations]- Changeling (K)

Eile and Terrance go pay a visit to the Werewolves at their home (formerly Jak's house- this was super surreal for me). Raaf lets them inside. Eile talks with Raaf about a number of subjects but pays special attention to Raaf's apparent offer of friendship to Terrance (made at the police station during questioning). Eile also casts aspersions on David's leadership abilities and states that there are problems in the Werewolves' boundaries that David hasn't addressed. Raaf doesn't respond well to this, and Eile's further assertion that she knows there is another predator in the territory and her refusal to deal plainly only aggrevates Raaf further. Raaf's anger makes Terrance uncomfortable and he starts to get uppity as well. Eile eats it up (literally) and calms the situation by (mostly) telling the truth.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[40K] The Beginner's Project

I've complained a lot that there's no 40K FAQ- that I need a 40K for Idiot's Guide, and that there are too many terms and numbers to understand as a beginning player.

I realized that there isn't an FAQ or Idiot's Guide- but there should be. I can't possibly be the only person that looks at 40K and sees it as a massive jumble of stuff to learn and feels overwhelmed and a little discouraged.

So I'm really putting some thought into making a page or resources, tips, terms, links etc that's aimed at a beginning player. I think I'll probably start with terms, as they are some of the easiest to get feedback for; and then move through subjects as I go through the rulebook. But don't hold me to that as I tend to jump around.

I plan to compile it all together and post it here on a separate page, and probably pass it on to the HOP and FTW networks once it's more than just an idea.

You can help! You can answer questions or post terms, links, tutorials, resources etc that you think a new player should know or check out.

I'll get started-

BA= Blood Angels
DE= Dark Eldar
IG= Imperial Guard
SW= Space Wolves
CSM= Chaos Space Marines
BT= Black templar
'Nids/Bugs= Tyranids

What other common abbreviations for forces should I know?

What other abbreviations should I know?

what on earth does "leafblower" mean- and WHY?

What is the ++ all about?

Please explain in simple terms the "Dar" and "Wing" suffixes.

When a figure has a parenthetical stat  such as  4(5) as a stat, what's the (5) mean and when does it apply?

There's more to come- I think this will be an ongoing thing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

[Blogging] Lessons & Tools

I learned a whole lot of very important lessons last week. Since I'm the gal I am, I figured I'd pass a few along.

LESSON ONE:  My experiment Wednesday was a huge failure. I had the first half of a really cool, atmospheric, immersive and moody post- but I ran out of gas about halfway through. Rather than recognizing it and scrapping the idea until it was fully formed, I pushed ahead and wound up with a bomb. Another experiment I tried on Wednesday leads to

LESSON TWO: Changing stuff without trying it is DUMB. I tried to install Intense Debate and turned off comments, instead. I honestly didn't figure it out until the next day. I hadn't tested this new thing and it bit me in the rear. But this failure also leads me to

LESSON THREE: My readers are NICE. You guys are so incredibly nice, not a single one of you could bear to tell me I'm an idiot and my comments don't work. I found that a little comforting.

I try to make interacting with me as easy as possible- I've got my email in my profile, and I'm open to criticism with the intent to improve the blog. So having made all those mistakes, I've resolved I won't be making any changes that affect how you interact with me here again without LOTS of warning and some feedback from you.

I have found a couple tools that are behind the scenes that I like a lot. There are a lot of very interesting and helpful options for bloggers out there- I can't say enough about StatCounter. I love that it doesn't do anything to my blog except tell me all the cool stuff I want to find out - who reads, how long, where they come from, etc. In combination with GoogleAnalytics, I can get way more bang for my blogging buck than even a month ago.

I found out you guys really like my Sunday stuff - so especially after Wednesday, I work hard to make sure I don't put up a half-assed post. I had an idea for a pretty serious topic I'd been working on all week but it wasn't "done" yet (even on Saturday) so I gave it up for something I knew was "finished". While I have a lot of subjects I want to cover, I'm open to suggestions so feel free to throw an idea or two out- you never know what I'll do.

I'd love to hear what tools you guys find useful, what widget works well for you, and what you're using to improve your blog. I'd also love to hear some of YOUR lessons- maybe I can learn from them, too. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[Weekly Whimsy] Brutal Beauty

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! You know, I had an alliterative intro, a serious article and all kinds of cool shenanigans up my sleeve until earlier today when a real-life situation alerted me to the necessity of some levity. I'll possibly throw down some crazy words you've never heard of in the midst of all my silly hijinx, so get a thesaurus just in case.Also, just to cover my self... the opinions herein are expressly mine, and HOP does not endorse them in any way.]

" Just like flying a cab" - Corbin Dallas, The Fifth Element

So all of the webbernetz is in a roar over the Stormraven. You know, this thing:

The general consensus of the masses is that the thing's a glorified garbage hauler- only uglier.

I say: Yer all crazy. It's flippin perfect.