Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Break

Last year about this time, I was celebrating my birthday by hosting a contest and giving stuff away.

I had a blast- it was wonderful. I truly enjoyed giving goodies to folks that were inspiring me and causing me to think in new and creative ways. I gave away over $100 worth of models, which made OTHER people happy, and I sort of live to make people happy.

This year has taken a very introspective turn, and for my birthday, I am giving myself a little break. I will be back after the weekend- and it's possible that the crazy Xeno and his Hamster will be causing trouble over here while I give myself a rest.

Cause the Hamster doesn't get any love...
Be back soon!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SinSynn thinks about tanks

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

So I realize this might totally be a guy thing, but...
How cool are tanks?
...pretty cool, amirite?

I dinna care whether they're like, sci-fi floating tanks...

*Somewhat useless, but still hella kewl. Yes, I have a buncha magnetized Skyray turrets, too*

They can be conventional style, but still sci-fi, and I'll probably still like them.

*I like to see these with Railgun holes in 'em, or covered in Genestealers*

Heck, we can even jump back in the past, and you'll still find me going 'wow, that's friggin' cool.'

*Micheal Wittman, in his Tiger 1E, from Flames of War. He was da man*

Tell ya what- you can take the treads off, give a tank legs of some sort, and call it a 'mech,' or some silly word that basically means the same thing (like, I 'bout 'warjack'?), and I'll probably dig that, too.
I'm not sure if it's genetically encoded into all male creatures in the universe, but I'm pretty sure we all think massive machines of war are friggin' cool.


Embrace it, I say.