Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[40K] After Much debate

I've decided to post the cataloged list of what I got for Christmas. i truly debated about it for reasons of my own...I'm not bragging, I'm trying to be organized. There are not any points attached (I am working on that), but I thought this might be easier than saying "no, I don't have that".

I hope my system makes sense... and AntiPope, I was wrong. I DO have side sponson heavy bolters for the Predator. I just forgot. It's easy to do- I didn't assemble any of this, so it's not as personal to me as it could be.

1        ?    power sword             
2        ???            no left or right arms      
1        Assault Bike                 
3        Bikes                 
1        LandRaider     TLLC, TLHB, 2Sponson Storm Bolter             
1        LandSpeeder     heavy bolter             
3        LandSpeeder     Typhoon Missile Launcher (2), heavy Bolter             
1        Rhino    Dozer blades, Hunter Killer missile, pintle storm bolter, light, smoke        
1        Predator    TLLC, 2 Sponson las cannons or Turret autocannon, 2 sponson heavy bolters               
1        Librarian     Force Weapon             
1        Logan Grimnar                  
1        Ragnar                 
3        Wolf Priest     variety of wolf tooth necklace, wolf tail talisman, etc             
2        Captain    Chainswords             
2        Captain    Chainswords             
1        Chaplain/banner     crozius             
1        Commander Shrike    TLC             
2        Dreadnaughts    AutoLauncher, Missile Launcher; Assault Cannon, power fist, heavy flamer              
1        Dreadnaughts    Bjern Fell handed             
2        Dreadnaughts    power fists, multimelta, storm bolter             
2        Heroes     Bolters             
1        Inquisitor                  
1        Iron Priest                  
10        Assault Squad     jet packs    (3 illegal figs- will need modding)           
10        Scout    bolter/ccw             
9        Scout    cammo cloak, sniper rifle              
2        Scout    heavy bolter             
1        Scout    melta             
1        Scout    Plasma Cannon             
3        Scout    Shotgun             
9        Scout    sniper rifle             
EDIT  EDIT  EDIT!!! 41        Space Marine    Bolter Guns (2 hands) Not pistols, no CCW.            
3        Space Marine    Bolter pistols, knives             
17        Space Marine    Chainswords/ccw, bolter pistols             
1        Space Marine    Dual Wielding bolter pistols
5        Space Marine    Missile Launcher  
8        Space Marine    Flamers             
1    EACH     Space Marine    heavy Bolter,  Las Cannon,  Multimelta ,  Plasma Cannon,  power sword        
2        Space Marine    rocket launcher             
1        Sternguard    unopened box             
15        Tactical Squad    2 Flamers, 1 Missile Launcher             
1        Terminator     Power fist, heavy flamer             
1        Terminator     Power fist, multimelta              
3        Terminator     power fist, storm bolter              
5        Terminator     power fist, storm bolter              
2        Terminator     storm Bolter, power sword             
10        Terminator     Storm Bolter, power fist             
1        Terminator     Typhoon Missile Launcher, laser guidance, storm bolter             
2        Terminator     Typhoon Missile Launcher, laser guidance, storm bolters             
2        Terminator Leader    storm Bolter, power sword             
1        Whirlwind     Dozer blades, whirlwind missiles             
2        Wolf Guard    assault cannon, power fist             
2        Wolf Guard    storm Bolter, chainfist        2nd Ed,     
2        Wolf Guard    storm Bolter, power sword             
9        Wolves             


  1. "Predator TLLC, 2 Sponson las cannons or Turret autocannon, 2 sponson heavy bolters"
    So you can pretty much make that Predator into anything you want. I was suggesting Autocannon Turret and side sponsor Lascannons on your other post which seems viable., that is a lot of stuff. You can take pictures of the stuff you are not sure and post it here, people can help you identify them :)

  2. That's a great pile of good stuff!

  3. That is definitely quite a pile of loot! With that set up you are pretty much only missing concentrated heavy and special weapons. Grab a meltagun pack or two and you should be good to go.

  4. My god, it's like a GW store exploded under your Xmas tree! Can I recommend some rare-earth magnets for those pred sponsons? That way you can switch 'em out whenever you want.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Antipope: Yes, and I probably will consider that heavily. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

    Christian: Yeah, I am keeping that guy.

    Max: On the shopping list for sure. And CCW! I'm in desperate need of an assault squad or 2 of termies with TLC or, TH, Storm shield. I mean, they're VIKINGS, for cripes sake, and not a single axe, hammer, claw or choppy bit anywhere. Bah! it makes it hard for me to turn them into BT without any CCW, too. Oh well, just a reason for me to think differently!

    #2501- Yes, it is kinda like that. *giggles* Thanks for the magnet tip, but it's not possible in my house. They're not glued down, so I can just pop them on and off- thinking about double sided tape to keep 'em on in game.