Friday, January 7, 2011

[WOD] Austin by Night- Session 12 as Eile

There's not enough room in this world for my pain
Signals crossed and love gets lost and time passed makes it plain
Of all my demon spirits I need you the most-
Indigo Girls, Ghost 


-- Terrance and Avere go into the Hedge together. When Terrance returns, there's a marked difference in his attitude towards Avere which leaves Eile feeling more than a little threatened.

-- Eile enters her first pledge.

--Ed, the previous Omen pack Alpha, returns from a mission in Chicago. He takes back his position as Alpha in the pack.

--Eile works at The Hedge Row and talks with Waco. He tells her of the fight from last session between the Werewolves and the Ghosts and Abomination/Dog Spirit and his pack.  Waco specifically uses the word "werewolves" in regard to the Omen pack.

--Reece, a new person to town, comes into the bar. He wants to talk to Bruce. Eile calls Bruce, who shows up and talks with Reece.

--Eile calls Raaf & she, Raaf and Terrance set the terms for Terrance to be a sponsored fighter at the Tur's fight pit. They go to the Omen pack's house. Eile discovers David is no longer Alpha, and she meets Ed. Eile flirts with David and in a backwards way, Ed. David rudely rejects Eile, which Eile takes in stride- she's learned something very valuable in the conversation.

Raaf is downstairs with Terrance, trying to determine what talents Terrance has so that he can help make sure the fights are fair. Raaf is suddenly surprised and the pack becomes very defensive. Raaf mentally lets them know he's fine, and things continue.

-- Some members of the group (Reece, Waco, Axel, Memento, Giovanni, possibly others) are involved in a mystery/plot involving the sewers. TK is found there, dying. Memento rushes TK back to the Omen pack's house, as TK is a friend of the pack. memento ALSO has a book, written in Latin, that he insists is essential to helping with the problem, However, Memento does not read or understand Latin.
- Eile stays at the Omen pack house with TK for a very personal reason.
-Eile overhears a comment that TK and Frank have been separated from each other. Eile knows this is BAD news- while she does not understand what it is that Frank is, she knows that TK has said they can't exist without each other.
-Axel, Raaf and Memento do everything in their power to recconect TK and Frank. There's some very strange Wuji going on involving a coin, which has tethers (invisible ones, btw) connected to Frank. Raaf suggests calling a death spirit (!) which makes Memento lose concentration on the spell he had going on the coin.
-Memento gets the spel lgoing again, and pulls the coin (with effort) over TK's body. He then pulls the tethers away and destroys the coin. The tethers sink back into TK's body, and Frank and TK appear to be connected again.
-Eile is emotionally stunned by the goings on for a variety of reasons. Memento's obvious desire for the coin and frestration with Raaf snap her into a full Glamour state. Memento then introduces himself to Eile in a very specific and unusual fashion, which feeds Eile a hint of what he desires overall.
-Memento then leaves BUT WAIT, there's more.

As all of this is going on, the spokesman for the Black Talon pack has made himself visible across the street from the Omen pack home. He's there to negotiate, but Ed, Ke, Ginger and David all head to deal with it. Terrance asks if Ed needs help, and Raaf says yes. Terrance heads up to the fron of the house. Eile follows for a moment and watches but realizes it's just a territory discussion and heads back to TK. The negotiations go on for a while and Eile and Terrance are separated so Terrance misses seeing TK being revived by Memento.

--Eile escorts TK back to the Hedge Row and gets him settled in his bed as he is still in a coma state. Terrance follows shortly after. They get into a long conversation where Eile admits wanting to face her fears and says she finally has something that makes her far less likely to run from her problems.


--The negotiations with the Black Talon pack involved taking out the Ghosts as a combined unit. The designated time and place occur, and the two groups take their respective places. Omen pack does some strategic planning to try to scout and have advantageous lines of sight etc.

[I only heard parts of this section as I was still deep in conversation with Terrance's player. Please forgive me if I missed something or left something important out.]

--Apparently without Omen pack's knowledge, Memento came along, but in another dimension specific either to Mages or to his FIELD of magic. [I can't remember what it's called, either.] He watched the proceedings until he felt his involvement was important, and then acted. He opened a hole between the dimensions and grabbed a member of the Ghost pack, drug him into the portal, shot him a couple times, and then used Death magic to hide the cause of death. He then threw the Ghost out of the portal.
- The Omen pack saw a black nebulus open, with writing shadow tentacles grabbing the Ghost member, hear a couple noises and saw muzzle flashes, and the Ghost coming back out onto the roof of the building where he was grabbed.
-The other Ghost was somehow dispatched, and it involved his Locus in some way, but I missed this part for sure.

--Eile visited Raaf & Ed. She showed them her true seeming.

--Eile later visited Memento and offered her thanks for his assistance with TK. He rebuffs outright debt. Eile decides she likes him and offers to be on the lookout for whatever it is he regrets having lost.

There were at least 2 other scenes I know of that happened, but don't know who they involved or their results- I'm trying to get better, but what I hear all depends on where I am physically located in the building during the game. Sorry, I can't be everywhere -- YET.


  1. "Waco specifically uses the word "werewolves" in regard to the Omen pack."

    Was that not right? I take it he did something wrong.


  2. I love the feeling of complexity in this game. It hurts my brain, but I love it :)