Friday, August 12, 2011

[RPG] Is Fighting An Inherent Skill?

I am lamenting the state of the games I am * not * in again. I was in JR's Hellfrost campaign, but the second run in, more than half the party died in a freak exploding zombie accident.

It sounds like we're doing a reset, with new characters for the most part (except one guy who wasn't there- he's keeping his character that ran exactly ONCE, I don't get it).

I played a "face" before, but it was pointed out I might want to consider something else for any character I bring in, This IS a Savage Worlds game, so having a character with at least some fighting ability is probably wise. So, I'm considering what kind of character I want to play, and I keep coming back to two related thoughts.

1- I want to play a fighter at some point


2- I would MUCH rather play a talker than a fighter right now.

I find myself drawn to the idea of talking my way out of trouble much more than "smash it with a hammer" and struggle with the mere premise of a fighter/strong character. I watch other people playing fighters or paladins or knights or whatever and they are brilliant with their million and one ideas on how to attack, use 5 foot steps, attacks of opportunity, weapon range and parry and blah blah blah blah. All I see when I play a fighter are straight ahead options- kick, punch or bodyslam. Every now and then I will get real inventive and use a pole or stick to sweep the legs out from underneath bad dudes. But overall, I am just not creative enough with violence to be an effective fighter, even in pretend worlds.

I never have been- I have always been far more intrigued with words than physical confrontation. In most Super campaigns, I played mentalists, who used the power of the mind (and words) to defeat the enemy, rather than bricks or martial artists or other close combat guys.

I can't help but wonder if this is an intrinsic thing, and attempts to avert my "nature" are only going to fail. I played Jak, an angry and mostly violent man turned werewolf. His sign under the moon as a werewolf was a warrior, a fighter. I spent a lot of time and effort tethering Jak's rages, keeping him from violence- avoiding confrontation. Unfortunately,  the whole point of Werewolf is confrontation. If I had allowed him to be his natural self,  things might have gone differently.

But instead of accepting aggression, I worked towards negotiation. Is aggression something you just know?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[40K] Sometimes Real Life Gets In The Way

I was all set to show some awesome 40K content, including pictures of my assembled, primed and converted Storm Raven (VERY lovingly assembled by FunDave- THANK YOU!!!!) . I had planned to discuss the state of the local scene, as it is undergoing a strange shift. I also wanted to ask for some advice on what (if anything) to field next as I am losing horribly and need some ideas.

However, I got an email that changed my whole night.

One of my long time friends was in the hospital- with what was believed to be a heart attack.  I've known him and his wife for over 20 years, and they are truly special people. They are hardcore gamers, with a marriage that I envy- passion and strength, dedication and adoration. They have been genuine and honest friends, recently having supported me through a very tough time in my life.

I got the email and I told TheDude- "I have to go".  I normally stay at the store for 40K night and hang with the great crowd, but nothing was going to stop me from being there for my friends during a terrifying time.

I knew I had to be there, because I have been there.

I have been in the waiting room, the emergency room, the surgery lounge, the recovery room and the cardiology wing more times than I can count. I have personally spent agonizing hours waiting to hear something-anything- from a doctor on the verdict for a spouse. I have juggled kids, and phone calls, and friends and family; all while desperately hoping for the best outcome. I personally know how hard and how frightening it is to be on bended knee, breathing prayers that only G-d hears. [TheDude has some serious heart issues, so this one hit close to home in a big way.]

I gathered my 2 kids and went to their home, where their young adult son (M) was "watching the home front". (M) just couldn't handle the hospital, and I understand that.

He and my son are very good friends and have been for several years. We got (M) settled down and then got some things to entertain him, and brought him dinner. We just hung out at his house all night, providing company and distraction- the best we could do on short notice.

I hope to have some pictures later this week- and maybe some questions on list building, as I appear to be bad at it.

But first, I'm going to take care of my friends.

Monday, August 8, 2011

[GEN CON] Credit

Many thanks to my reporters for their wonderful and in-depth reports.

Bill, Ryan and Mike are all to be thanked for their assistance!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

[GEN CON] Wrap Up

I fully intended to daily reports, based on the feedback I got from my reporters. Unfortunately time got in the way and I wasn't able to do so.

I did have a few interesting reports coming to me from more than one source.

1- Booths were better laid out and traffic was much better than previous years.

2- Pricing in the booths was absolutely erratic. One might offer an item at $85 and three booths down might have the same thing for $125, so smart shopping was essential.

3- While the hall was better organized, some events were not. I heard of two cancelled events with no real notice (though my reporters were able to find replacement options and a refund) and bad lines.

4- Friendliness at booths was mentioned more than once, but not always in a good way. Overall,  I heard very positive things, but one or two events or companies were less than helpful.

5- [This comment is from general observations of photos and not reporters per se...] Fewer costumes and "environmental things" than in previous years.

6. The hit of the con (at least from the reports I got) were all in the miniatures field. Everyone I spoke to went totally geeky over the Wyrd Terrain Kits. Made of high quality chip board, there's enough pieces and material in each kit to make several schemes.

Here's some pics!

I hope to have some more detailed information to share later this week- and maybe some more pictures.

Game on!