Saturday, January 22, 2011

[WOD] Austin Tales (1): The Vigil

Up at dawn. Head to Sand's. Work on adaptation again. Leave and head to the Row. Up the stairs (man, my ass is going to look nice), unlock the door. 

Inside, he's on the bed, under the sheets.  I sit next to him and keep hold of his hand, thinking of anything but the future. 

He neither breathes nor rots- in complete stasis. This idea is so foreign to me I just don't understand. I keep hoping something will change, but it doesn't.

Time to head downstairs to tend bar. I lock the door behind me as I slip it shut. 

After my shift, back upstairs and wait the night away, holding his hand as nothing changes. 

Weeks of this and time starts to blur on itself - I'm no longer sure how long I've been waiting. I've been waiting and the answer is always the same. There's never any change.

Is this still Austin? Have I gone back by mistake? Is this an even worse torture than never having something to hold onto? 

I leave Sand's and head to the Row. I head up the stairs (yeah, I'm rocking a smaller size jeans) and unlock the door.

He's not there. 

I check the window, look for mirrors (they're sneaky), check for trapdoors. Nothing.

He's not there. 

Faster than I can believe, it's time to work the bar. I head downstairs, with nothing but bees in my head.  I work, considering options and adaptations.

A man comes in the bar, and he asks for the usual. His voice sounds familiar, but I can't place him. He talks, and it becomes clearer- it's him; just different.

Did he go over, and come back changed? Is this where my world starts turning?

He's bewildered and babbling, and out pops a word I've heard; but never from him: wife.

He's not there.


  1. Wife? Who was the man in relation to your character and what is he?

  2. The man was TK. (Geist-also, boyfriend)

    He "woke up" from his "coma" last game, and this is a first person recap of how the night started for Eile.

  3. I do like reading these. You manage to portray a different side to Eile every time, and that makes for some fine reading.