Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[40k] Battle Report (BT vs SW)

So it was 2nd week of Escalation League at the store. We were still on 750 points, and after my massive FAQ'd out army changes, I decided to run a list with some missile launchers in it. (I mean, I have them, why not use them?)

My list was roughly:


Chaplain MOS (Tankhunter)
Att'd Termie Command Squad - all w/Tank Hunter
-Sergeant Powerfist, Power weapon
-Missile Launcher
-Assault cannon
-Power fist, storm bolter

Troop #1
5 Initiates (1 flamer), 2 Neophytes (1 plasma)
Rhino, Pintle storm bolter

Troop #2
5 Initiates (1 Lascannon), 1 Neophyte (plasma)

My opponent had the most beautiful, tricked out, completely converted and gorgeously individualized models of Logan and 10 Wolf Guard Terminators I have ever seen. He used Chaos figures, but they were breathtaking.

Spiky Logan & Crew

We used the same rules for deployment and objectives as last game, and we got "long board edges" - which NEITHER of us could fully figure out how to implement. We called another player over to get it set up, but it was seriously confusing.

His win conditions - primary: control both his objectives and secondary: have more friendly models in his deployment zone than enemy. My win conditions were primary: control ANY 2 objectives, and secondary: most expensive unit kill equal or greater points value of opponent's models.

He chose to let me deploy and go first (he's not dumb) and I stuck my Rhino squad on top of an objective. The EC was SUPPOSED to go there too but I got mixed up and he wound up with the little Cru squad.

The little Cru squad came in pretty close to another objective and scooted over there to babysit.

Correct me if I'm wrong on this next one, please. Because Termies were attached to Chappy, they did not deep strike and came in on a board edge at the top right and walked (ish) towards one of his objectives, using buildings for cover as they went.

By the way, in the massive pile of not appealing to my sensibilities stuff, there were a couple true treasures. Check THIS guy out:

He needs a bigger base, but wow, he's gorgeous.

My oppoenent bunkers Logan and his 5 Wolf Guard in a ruin, directly behind an objective, but not visible to my guys at all.

He uses a brilliant strategy of picking me off from a distance and we spend a couple turns with him shooting at me, trying to move my little Cru squad off the objective. It's a pretty darn good plan! I wish I'd thought of it and planned against it.

He does knock my guys off their objective and they move across the board. I took some friendly advice and moved back some, trying to protect the objective, and got blown up (except EC, who yet again refuses to die. He's all alone at the objective- but as an IC, he's not a scoring unit and can't help me win).

At this point, his second Wolf Guard squad is doing some sneaking of its own, using a building to keep out of sight.

(They eventually move through the building and come out at the "bottom", which is closer to my side of the board..)

My Termies and the Chappy start moving closer to his objective marker. They come out into the open and tada, my opponent has this fun surprise for them:

That's a BFG, folks!

I get shot at, and of course, I move towards that furry fellow to bash him up. I mean, who wouldn't, right? I shoot some more (he saves!).  But wait, there's more:

His friends!
 The rest of the Wolf Guard come out to play and there's a very, VERY, VERY embarrassing moment where I realize I forgot to buy wargear for the Chappy and he does not have a frickin' gun. My opponent was more than friendly about it and spotted me a point so I could shoot away.

The game ends at the end of turn five- my Termie squad isn't close enough to his objective marker to contest it, and EC can't hold mine, so victory is snatched away at the last moment.

Overall, this was a FUN! game. It may sound slow here, but I really had a good time. I learned a lot- especially when Righteous Zeal does and does not come into effect, and enjoyed a really nice time with a great opponent.

What I learned - this week, it was all "What I can improve on" lessons:

PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS- Not having even a bolt pistol was hilarious, but truly not anything I care to repeat. I also had a turn where I forgot to move. Plus, EC in the "wrong" squad wasn't smart, either. Ugh.

YOUR OPPONENT WILL KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES.  Prepare for them, at least a little.

BT IS A ---MUCH!-- SHOOTIER ARMY THAN I THOUGHT.  I need to learn how to use that to my advantage instead of being surprised by it.

About my opponent:
I could not have asked for a more fun guy to play against. He was truly a great opponent. He was very forgiving of me looking up the rules a lot, and offered me grace when I needed it- but he didn't do any "gimmes" or give me any kind of 'preferential' treatment.

I do want to win, but fairly.

Next week is 1000 points, and I am considering bikes, because MAN BT is SLLLLLLLLLLLLLOW.

be Well,



  1. You're doing good! Especially with primary and secondary win conditions... eesh. I guess it's not as bad as starting out in the middle of a campaign fighting endless 2k games against a Chaos Daemons player with only boxes of GW products to use as Eldar Falcons... wheeee introduction to 40k!

    And congrats on jumping on the band wagon BEFORE it became a band wagon! Sword brethren 4eva!

  2. A couple of things I noticed:

    1) Chaplains/Commanders cannot purchase or lead Terminator Command squads unless they also are wearing Terminator Armor.

    2) Neophytes can only be armed with Shotguns or Bolt Pistols/CCWs. Your list shows them with plasma? Not sure if you meant that was the actual Initiates that had them, nor what kind of plasma weapon they had.

    3) Terminators Squads can always deep strike if all members in the squad have terminator armor.

    4) Righteous Zeal is done after the enemy kills one of your guys in the shooting phase. If you pass the test, you make a consolidation move (this means you may move UP TO D6"...so moving 0.0000000000000001" is perfectly acceptable). If you fail, you fall back like normal.

    5) I would avoid the bikes if possible. They are very, very expensive and lack the stats that the newer Space Marine codices have. Plus, they are fearless so if you get charged, you'll be stuck in combat with a unit you cannot kill. :(

    Overall, looks like you're starting to pick things up. It takes time and a willingness to play the games. Not a bad start at all. It'll all come together one day and everything will start to click for you. Keep up the good fight! ;)

    BTW: The Black Templars are only as slow as a player makes them. That's one of the reasons I advocate mechanization so much. 1000 points is a whole another beast and will give you some options to play around with. :D

  3. ML: Uhhhhh, RZ says "if an Infantry unit (including any attached characters) is called upon to make a Morale check and passes it, the unit MUST MOVE towards the nearest visible enemy unit".

    We've been playing that "move" as a standard "run", where I ROLL a D6 to determine distance.

    Are you saying I get to pick how far to move? If so, I just got INFINITELY better than I thought.

    Also, there's some question of cheese going on. Someone questioned my putting EC with a Cru squad fairly seriously.

    The EC says 'may never lead, join or be attached to a COMMAND squad'.

    The general assessment came down to "it doesn't say you CAN'T, so I guess you CAN." There was a pretty strong implication that this was patently cheesy.

    I've seen tons of ICs in a variety of armies attached to Troops or other squads with no issue. What did I miss?

  4. Argh, sorry I don't know a thing about BT so I can't really help. What is the exact wording on EC? About not joining other squads?

    I am pretty sure I've seen people joining him up with some unit and embarking him in a Land Raider.

    Cool battle report by the way and I liked the pics too :)

  5. Lo: Yes, RZ says you must move. But in the next sentence, it says its identical to a consolidation move (may move UP TO D6"). So it says you have to move, so just move 0.0000000001". Just nudge it a little bit and you're good to go. :D

    And you are correct about the EC. He can't join or attach to command squads, but otherwise he's a normal Independent Character so he can join Crusader squads. Its not cheesy at all, because he's simply an IC with a restriction.

  6. The Champion is not cheese. He is no better than a marine force commander with a relic blade. He can join squads, has a 4+ invulnerable and a strength 6 power weapon. He is great and buffs your army with vows. A must have in a Black Templar force for what he costs.

    @ Marshal Laeroth...Righteous Zeal says must move. If codex trumps mainrulebook, as many say, then you roll a D6 and move that far. The FAQ removes the next sentence about massacre consolidation moves. You cannot move 0.0000000001". That is just silly to begin with. Roll a D6 and MUST move that many inches. The FAQ and codex make it so.

  7. @Ian. I just said you had to move. You have to make a Consolidation move. But the distance moved is up to the BT player, as per Consolidation move rules.

    Actually, the FAQ doesn't remove any sentences in Righteous Zeal. The FAQ removes all references of MASSACRE. Remove the part about the Massacre result and you get: "This is identical to a Consolidate move and follows all the normal rules given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook."

  8. Glad you had a fun game: nothing's better than a good opponent!

  9. Read righteous zeal again....MUST move is stated. all i'm saying.

    "this is identical to a consolidation move that has been achieved through a massacare result and follows all rules....etc."

    if you ignore massacare, as per FAQ, then this is ignored. the consolidation move associated with the massacare move is gone as everything dealing with massacare is ignored. it becomes must move toward the nearest enemy. as everythignafter that is igonred since it deals with a massacare result.

    i see it as roll D6 move that many inches toward the nearest enemy. if you play it as move 0.000000001" to what ever you roll so be it.

    i'll play it my way as will others. others will play it your way.

    either way i'm done arguing this with you.

    LOQ enjoy your templars an play this rule however you want! it is your game.