Thursday, January 20, 2011

[40K] Arguing With Paint, Vol. 2: Opinions Welcome

In my last adventure with removing paint, I was regaling you with my distressingly bad results.

I'm glad to say that with the liberal application of your sage advice, I've assembled a small force of really plain guys.

And One Pre-painted Black Templar Termie. There's 4 more in one of the bags.

But I still have a lot of work to do. I have all the guys in the Batallion Bag to do:

Plus the Vehicle Transport bag:

Borrowing the Eldar Codex for a day. NOT playing them.

That's a lot of guys! Not all of them are being done right now. The guys I THINK I might use for league are staying ugly for the moment until I have a list- I don't want a crucial model to be in the soup come game day.

Here's one that is seriously un-pretty; but I'm not sure what his weapon is... help?

I also discovered even MORE surprises while going through the bags, getting little men ready for the swimming pool. Any idea why a Landspeeder would have magnets HERE?

The Landspeeder and many of the other Fast Attack/Heavy Support presented a totally different dilemna -
for the most part, the bodies are a very acceptable black. It's the highlight colors of really, really orange that I'm not thrilled with. Should I dip them, or leave them as they are and paint over the offending color? I'm really debating the Rhino seen in my first bat-rep, as it's a LOT of orange. Here's a bike, as an example of the rest of the models configurations.

Dip, or just repaint?

There were some genuinely nice models in the bunch. This 'Dred was lovely- but not what I'd like for my army. He's getting a bath, too; despite being very pretty.

I assembled all these conscripts into a bucket (rather than my small Rubbermaid bin, which can only handle about 15 guys at a time) to be covered by Purple Power and paint removed. (This idea was the brilliant suggestion of TheDude.)

As stated before, there are quite a few more to be dipped yet- but they are potential army bait and staying out for a little while longer. At least until I have a couple 1K lists...

Next on the list after paint removal is test models. I'm hoping for the weekend, as this week is stuffed with some very exciting but massively time consuming activities.

Much more to come, with modeling (um, some Termie arms fell off... that means I can stick hammers on...) and painting (I'm aiming for a no-black used "black" color) and batreps etc.

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  1. Concerning the gun on the scout, it is either a kit bash sniper rifle or what looks to me like some sort of needle gun, which I think scouts could have in an earlier edition of the rules.

  2. I'm guessing that the Scout has a sniper rifle. Or it could be a Shotgun, but I don't know if that was ever legal.

    As for the orange highlights, I would suggest just painting over them, provided that they aren't too thick already. It's a lot easier to just go over that instead up trying to strip the paint off of entire tanks. The only problem would be if you are going to go over the highlight with white, in which case it will be very hard to cover that bright orange.

  3. Yeah, looks like a shotgun with bits added to make it look like a sniper rifle.

  4. I use straight Simple Green concentrate for my paint stripping. I'm pretty sure Farm & Fleet carries it in large bottles of concentrate (plus is smells like sarsaparilla).

  5. I've been having good luck with a Wal Mart equivalent, basically an industrial strength de-greaser... Caution: don't just reach in and pick the stuff out :-) Chemical burns, although minor are not so much fun... But it's removing ancient paint from lots of my old stuff I thought would be "difficult" to salvage...

    The Scout looks very much like a Shotgun with extra bits trying to be a needler/sniper rifle... Not bad as the shotguns for Marines are not so good, not sure how the BT Scouts are... Some of my Marine forces have Scout sniper squads, others do not...

    Magnets on the speeder are REALLY useful if you, like me, are building them with swapable weapon options... Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, missile racks, Multi Melta, etc... I haven't gotten ALL of mine yet, but getting there... I also use magnets on the flying bases for storage/transport ease...

  6. The Sniper-Shotgun is more commonly known as the 'Snotgun' and unless you're a favored servant of Nurgle, it should be avoided at all costs.

  7. I suspect those magnets were there either to hold on underslung weapons for the Tornado version of the vehicle, or to hold it securely against the inside of a metal carrying case.

    That black-n-orange paintjob looks a bit thick and goopy; I'd be tempted to strip it anyway.

  8. I suspect the weapon on the scout is probably a shotgun, as others have already suggested.

  9. Since they stand out from the bikes you could try lightly sanding the orange areas off and then repainting them.