Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here you should find a list of  common, across the board terminology. Please ask if you have questions. Also feel free to add any you think should be included but are not.

H2H or HtH is hand-to-hand (combat)
=I= is the Inquisition (quite clever, that one!)
chimeltavets (or variants thereof) describes IG veterans in chimeras armed to the teeth with meltaguns
FNP is Feel No Pain, which is a
USR, or a Univeral Special Rule (from the main rulebook); many of these are abbreviated.
FOC is the Force Organisation Chart,
WAAC is 'win at all costs',
RAW is 'rules as written' as opposed to
RAI which is 'rules as interpreted'.

++ is short hand for invulnerable save.

++ for a save also can be an Orwell reference. In Newspeak a thing can be "doubleplus good". So a 3+ save is good, but a 3++ is obviously even better. ;)

Aka, 3+ saves can be negated with AP, 3++ however is an invulnerable.

Check out the entirety of THIS post if you are an Imperial Guard Player! 


  1. heh. there's also my other dark horse abbreviations:

    FAAC = Fluff at all costs

    everyone knows one. that guy who's a jerk about berating everyone else's adherance to fictional stories about a universe that's not completely cataloged.
    or berrates anyone who tries to 'compete' how dare we beat his fluffy list on the siege of Balmoral IV!

    PAAC = Paint at all costs. Just like the guy who uses the rules to beat everyone over the head, and the guy who uses Fluff to beat everyone else over the head, is the guy who uses PAINT skillz to insult and belittle you.

  2. This is great to see out there. While I'm not new to 40k, I'm a bit newer to the online community so many of these shortcuts are lost to me. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks to all of you. A lot of this is someone else's work, but I'm compiling it for the project.