Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[WOD] Austin By Night- Session 10 as Eile

lost in the maya
overboard in the sea
there was void and then that water broke
then something called "me"
now a trip to the desert to look at the sky
it's like never-ending mirrors
playing tricks on my eyes
- Live, Face and Ghost

Personna Dramatis:
Eile -Changeling (myself)
Terrance- Changeling (Bb)
Raaf- Werewolf (B)
David X- Werewolf (G)
Ginger- Werewolf (S)
Dottie- Vampire (Ss)
Bruce- Hunter (TheBoy)
TK- Geist (E)
Avere [Not present in any scene I played in, but very important to several conversations]- Changeling (K)

Eile and Terrance go pay a visit to the Werewolves at their home (formerly Jak's house- this was super surreal for me). Raaf lets them inside. Eile talks with Raaf about a number of subjects but pays special attention to Raaf's apparent offer of friendship to Terrance (made at the police station during questioning). Eile also casts aspersions on David's leadership abilities and states that there are problems in the Werewolves' boundaries that David hasn't addressed. Raaf doesn't respond well to this, and Eile's further assertion that she knows there is another predator in the territory and her refusal to deal plainly only aggrevates Raaf further. Raaf's anger makes Terrance uncomfortable and he starts to get uppity as well. Eile eats it up (literally) and calms the situation by (mostly) telling the truth.

She indicates that she's hunting for something on the Werewolf pack territory and while she has "similar features, but longer hair" to Terrance and Avere, she's a very differenmt animal. She's been lead to believe Raaf  knows or understands the Lost better than he does, and makes a comment or two intended to tell him something without saying it outright. She then changes her "skin", which Terrance sees but Raaf doesn't- but Raaf ASKS about it. Eile then realizes exactly how close she came to giving herself away entirely. More conversation ensues, with Raaf offering "You show me yours, I'll show you mine" (meaning true forms) and Eile replies "never". This brings a very telling conversation about trust, and Eile states that she "doesn't make deals" because she'd made a "bad deal" in the past. Raaf then qualifies that if Eile ever decides to show herself, he PROMISES to return the favor. He states that it's a promise (with a witness) several times. Eile says it's worth considering but she won't make any promises or deals.

Another portion of the conversation involves Avere and Eile tries (repeatedly) to warn Raaf that Avere's truth is more than a little twisted and may not be reliable. Raaf tells Eile that he trusts Avere and that Avere is helpful and is someone he considers close to family. Eile realizes that no matter how loud she barks, Raaf is not going to listen and she and Terrance leave pretty soon after this part of the conversation.

Eile and Terrance come BACK to the Werewolf house a short time later to talk to David. There's a short and tense conversation with Terrance, Eile and David. Sometime shortly after the group begins talking, Ginger joins them (but is not introduced in any way). Eile asks to speak to David alone and the two go to talk in the garage. Terrance is left with Ginger and Dottie, who has recently arrived. For the next SIX MINUTES, Terrance is alone with 2 women and he does not have a lot of practice talking. [I found this hilarious.] Eile is also not immediately visible and Terrance is concerned for her safety.

Eile and David talk, with Eile saying very much the same things she said to Raaf. David is even clearer- he points out how little Eile is really saying, wonders why she should be trusted, and announces that Avere is more than helpful- she's David's bests ource of information, so he will continue to use her. Eile understands and identifies with his comments, but still tries to let him know how truly dangerous Avere can be. It only sort of works. Eile makes it clear she finds David's leadership skills to be lacking and that he needs to pay attention- this really doesn't go over well and Eile is faced with a mad Werewolf. She wiggles out of immediate danger, but she's discovered a new food source and she was really very hungry when she got there. She leaves full, but her greedy nature is unlikely to avoid these guys again. Eile does get a vague and unclarified "I'll leave you alone" agreement from David for the time being.

Eile returns to the bigger group and finds Terrance in a really bad mood. She gathers him up and the two leave to go back to the apartment Eile shares with Bruce.

Eile and Terrance arrive at the apartment and find Bruce hanging out with TK. This is absolutely the best and worst possible situation for Eile- she wants to talk to TK, but she wants to do it alone. [She's much more persuasive alone.] TK is asking a lot of questions about what happened at The Hedge Row and Eile stonewalls him completely. TK leaves, and she is left with Bruce and Terrance. Several more things are said, including Eile's belief that TK is probably not her boyfriend anymore [she thinks he probably dumped her after being accused of murder but this is not true]. She asks Bruce if she can smoke a cigarette, and he says "fine". She gets the cigarette and lighter out, and the grou talks for at least another hour- but Eile never lights the cigarette. She and Terrance leave (or Bruce does, I am not sure which) a short time later and the two are left alone again.

Terrance admits surprise and concern that Eile is so capricious with her appearance. He wonders how he'll know who Eile is from place to place and time to time if she changes her appearance so often. He asks if he can use her blood to track her, and she is completely blown away. Eile is now in a very precarious position and she is not sure how to handle it. They talk a while longer, and Eile's cigarette finally gets lit (probably 2-3 hours after she procured it from her pocket.). She takes a single drag and then puts it out. She quietly unzips her boots, takes them off, and voluntarily shows Terrance her Coyote shape; her true form. She changes back to one of the "skins" she wears most often and she gives Terrance a "code phrase" to let him know who she is, but declines to offer her blood.

A little later, Eile heads over to the Hedge Row alone and tries to talk to TK. He's mad at her because Bruce told him Eile has dumped him, and has also told him how close Eile is to Terrance. TK's jealousy and rage are making him petulant and he refuses to talk to her. Eile tries to pick the lock but fails due to a lack of tools. She talks to the door for quite a while and finally slips an invitation to a private show under the door and leaves.

[ Out of character: All of this happened without an ST anywhere near us. There were at least 3 other big scenes, including a PC death. It was an interesting night!] 


  1. Wow! I can't believe how much your group was able to get done w/o a Storyteller. :)

  2. Oh he was there, just not involved in MY stuff- he was busy running the 'rescue a PC from a mental hospital and PC death' scene.

  3. I find the way you guys play mind-boggling. It sounds very interesting, but I think I'm so firmly lodged in the traditional group-style of play that I have problems picturing how your way works.

    It does challenge my way of thinking, that's for sure.

    Do you play your superhero-campaign the same way?

  4. Don't forget there were 2 PC deaths that night. One from being heroic the other from being new.

  5. Harald: we're a group- just a big one! I know it's not for everyone. We've had people come, check us out, and "run away screaming".

    No, our Hero GM is pretty much at-the-table GMing, but he's the one that uses the 40K scenery for battles.

    Kahos: I didn't know "am new" died. I heard he "disappeared" (that's the story I got, anyway).

  6. This was my first time playing WOD and I had a blast. It was weird being at the site of a major PC death. No one saw a thing. I was with another PC in a room less than 20 feet away. We walked into the hall and there was his body, lying on the floor.


  7. Well, then that's gonna be ooc knowledge. As far as Eile (and anyone whose not Raff) knows, he did disappear.

  8. Oh, sorry, different character death, but still true. As far as most people in the game it could be that this person also just up and dissapeared...except I think enough people saw the body that it will get out that he was killed.