Friday, November 19, 2010

[40K] Bitz!

So this is totally an improv post- absolutely not on the schedule, but it's something I need to know.

Where do you buy your bitz? For someone looking to get stuff not normally in the boxes, this is an important piece of information.

I'm specifically interested in melee weapons - Thunderhammers, Hammers, Axes, Mauls, Swords, Mace(s?), etc.

What are your favorite places? Who has good service? What search terms work well?

Thanks, guys!


  1. ebay. (Horde o Bitz usually)
    Bitz box (uk)
    Battlewagon Bitz

    All I have bought from, all are great.

  2. First I'll see if my own bits supply has what I need, then if not ebay mostly. Sometimes others around might have what I want too. I have recently made one order with for a bunch of heads that went fine.

    I'd check with other local players first. Someone who built their assault termies as TLLC might be willing to part with the TH, fantasy players likely have oodles of extra stabby and bashy implements. A fantasy chaos player that built his warriors with shields for example should have a ton of good extra hand weapons available.

  3. My massive supply of bits saved up over many years... which I'll get around to posting about eventually.

    eBay seems to have a decent selection of well priced bits though.

  4. MAXMINI has a great range of Thunderhammers and other cool stuff to check!

  5. Bits and kits (UK based). The War store (they're the home of battle wagon bits now). Bits kingdom. And of course eBay. I'd say bits and kits is the best one. Even with the shipping from across the pond they're the most reasonable.

  6. eBay has some pretty good bitz suppliers (Horde O' Bitz, for example) but I actually get most of mine in the random, giant lots. Look around eBay for a while and you'll find some guy selling his massive collection of Chaos bits for like $25. It doesn't happen super often, but I've gotten a lot of good stuff that way.