Thursday, November 18, 2010

[Mom Time] Being Challenged

Sorry for the delay in posting, folks. I seriously and honestly struggled with whether to post this, or leave it be. I'm not interested in bing one of those "Mommy Bloggers" that gains popularity and netfame due to the antics of their kids. But I'm pretty committed to being as honest as I can and offering a POV that maybe you don't experience everyday.

At the moment, my "Mom Powers", the formerly Superman like abilities possessed by many a mother, are being seriously challenged. One of my kids is causing me a lot of consternation and serious frustration; confounding me and my standard bag-o'-tricks.

It's not just my amazing hearing and back of my head-o-vision that's being put to the test; it's my very core beliefs about what I am as a mother that are being cut right through.

Being a good wife and a good mother are things that I take very seriously and doing a good job at raising my kids is truly important to me. These most recent developments have me wondering if I'm falling down on the job in the mom department.

After some serious thought, I'm very aware I could have it much worse- I could have a kid that is stealing, vandalizing, fighting,  taking drugs, or any number of much more serious offenses than the ones I'm facing.

At the core, the child in question is pretty good; just in serious need of a gut-check. I'm committed to making it happen, no matter how grueling it might be or how hated I'll be (for the moment)- because I know what I do today matters to how they turn out tomorrow.

So here's to challenges- I hope I'm made of tough enough stuff to take on anything they might throw at me!


  1. You are up to anything the kid throws at you...just remember what you were like at that age. The kid is okay, s/he needs a swift kick in the a$$...

    You can cope, probably better than we coped with you and your brothers.

  2. Good luck, may the Force be with you and so on and so forth!

  3. I go thru it daily with my son. Honest to a fault... and lazy, rebellious and all the other adjectives you can add to a 17 year old. His mother passing nearly 3 years past doesn't make it easier.

    But at his core he is a good, young man. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to break in a wild bronco, but he's worth it ;)

  4. Not having a spawn of my own, my references are from working in schools and in the CPS. One thing I firmly believe is that if you as a parent are concerned about your child, and if there's a plan behind what you're doing, you're doing good.

  5. The important thing is that you've recognized there's work to be done and that you care enough to want to help. This in itself speaks to your character.