Friday, October 22, 2010

[WOD] Eile- Snapshots

Freeze Frame- J. Geils Band 
These little vignettes are best imagined as a black and white photos or short movies; just a quick glimpse into Eile's current life in Austin.
Picture 1-
The camera has captured Eile from a side-long and front ways angle, with the background in soft focus She could be anywhere- a bus or train station, restaurant or kitchenette of a small apartment. There's both a sense of mystery and familiarity to the shot. It's a rarely candid and intimate moment.

Eile is casually clumped low in a high back chair, her legs crossed and thrown over a table or bench in front of her. Her feet are shockingly bare, with her toenails delicately painted. Her head is thrown back and resting against the back of the chair, exposing her long and vulnerable neck.

In the hand nearest the camera, aggressively held in a fashion reminiscent of men and cons, is a lit cigarette, seemingly moving towards her mouth. Eile's eyes are closed in a tranquil and pensive fashion. Her lips are slightly open, and a cloud of hazy, dream-like smoke is caught drifting like motes in the air around her face. 

Picture 2-
The shot sees Eile as she's sunbathing atop the roof of a building. Despite the monchrome of the photo, Eile's supple nude back gleams in the sunlight. She's in the midst of turning from her back to her stomach; and her weight primarily rests on the set of her hips nearest the viewer.The dark bottoms of her bathing suit stretch across the skin of her rear in wonderful ways. The leg further from the camera is slightly bent at the knee, pushing her weight over.

One arm is under her, resting up to the elbow on the roof, and the other arm is gently bent out, with her finger crooked, beckoning to someone off camera. 

There's something sensual and hauntingly akin to an animal about to pounce on an unseen victim to the scene. 

Picture 3-
This is a long shot, taken from behind Eile's back. A sofa, sitting on the edge of a curb, sits beyond Eile in the foreground. Eile holds up a tailor's tape longways, and it's unclear if she's measuring the couch or the distant horizon seen at the outside edge of the picture.

The last picture in the series is in color. It's a source of inspiration and consideration I use often. The spirit and essence of Eile's joie de vivre just jumps off the page to me here, and the clothes and styling are spot on for how I imagine my Changeling girl. 

Thanks, Mondo!

Hope you enjoy. Look for more Eile related goodies next Friday!


  1. Sorry to sound ignorant but what does WOD stand for I see the word Changeling so is it for that game or just a racial description? Ogle worthy descriptions.

  2. WOD=World of Darkness.

    Changeling is both a "racial" descriptor and a game one- the Chronicle I'm in allows cross-genre playing all in one game.

    So I'm playing a Changeling; using Changeling rules- but in a larger, World of Darkness setting.

    Thanks on the compliment.

  3. Nice way to visualise a character. It's a technique I may consider stealing...

  4. Von: Thanks! I really loved the first little picture- it rolled itself in my head about 30 times and I knew I had to share it. The rest came soon after, or had existed at one point or another for a while.

  5. Awesome! I really like your way of adding depth and personality to your characters. It seems very subjective, yet with a very clear eye to the setting. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of them.

  6. Harald- thank you. I have another 'favorite trick' that I haven't shown yet, but I think you will LOVE.