Thursday, October 21, 2010

[40K] A List I Don't Hate

Four 40K posts this week- I must really be getting into it!

I worked on making a list I don't hate, and came up with something I like quite a lot. Additionally, I might possibly be able to proxy this. One of my enablers-er- FRIENDS- I meant friend! thinks I could probably borrow what I don't have through The Dude.

There are a couple of legalities questions (can a character with dual lightning claws wear a combat shield, can I have a Cru squad without Neophytes) but here we go.

HQ- Marshall
Dual Lightning Claws
Combat Shield -120

HQ- Command Squad
1 Sergeant, Terminator Honors, Lightning Claw
9 Squad Members, Terminator Honors,  Thunder Hammers (5), Combat Shield (4), Furious Charge, Crusader Seals (10)- 525

EC- AAC- 140


Crusader Squad 1
8 Initiates- Plasma gun, missile launcher
2 Neophytes, Shotgun & CCW
Rhino -214

Crusader Squad 2 & 3
10 Initiates 10 Crusader Seals
6 Neophytes
Missile Launcher- 500

Comes up to 1499.

My enabler-FRIEND- wondered why I didn't try to go for 1850, which is what the local league is currently running. Aside from not knowing the rules well enough yet, I don't have enough figures to proxy for that size army. But those are all excuses. Honestly? I'm not ready to play in the league, especially at that point level. I don't mind losing, but I'd like to have a chance.

Again, send along comments, criticisms and general 'you stink and this is why' . I promise to listen and even try to learn from it all.


  1. Furious Charge is wasted on people with Thunderhammers since they always strike at Initiative 1. 3 Guys with dual lightning claws and 2 with thunderhammers would be more optimal.

    And those guys need a ride! If they try to walk across the table without a transport they will get shot to pieces. Adding a Land Raider Crusader will bring you to 1750ish and add a nice centerpiece to your army. The last 100 points could be spent on transports for the Crusader Squads or two attack bikes.

  2. No Shields with 2 LC, afaik.
    You can have a Crusader squad without Neophytes. The rule says you may have any number, but that they may not exceed the number of initiates. Zero is a number, and it is not more than your initiates. You are good on that count.

    Looks like a good list otherwise. I love BT theme-wise, but I have never played the army becuase of the very outdated codex. The Sword brethren have a ton of excellent options, though.

  3. Aside from the neophytes not being able to take both shotguns and close combat weapons (it's either/or), the list should be legal. There is no rule stating that you cannot dual-wield weapons or wargear, that was a rule from a past edition. I prefer to play BT at 1750 or above, as they do lag behind many of the newer codices, but this should be perfectly enjoyable list to play.

    You may find that the missile launchers are wastes in your squads, as they will usually be moving. Perhaps try meltaguns instead. As Nikephoros said, furious charge is wasted on the command squad. Consider instead putting in some lightning claws, or getting rid of the ability altogether, and upgrading the Rhino squad's missile launcher to a lascannon.

  4. Agree that the HW in squads you want moving forward are pretty wasted. Either ditch the single rhino or load up on more Rhinos/LRCs - one vehicle will just get wasted; multiple ones can deliver.

  5. I just like that someone apart from me has any time for Neophytes!

    The list is a little top-heavy for my liking, but I'm that far out of the loop on Black Templary stuff that I might be missing out on the Way To Do Them Right.

    Heartily agree with not letting people pressurise you into playing big games or events before you're ready. Wise men say only fools rush in, and rushing into a kind of game I wasn't prepared for killed my interest in the WFB for quite a while.

  6. Sons: um..... HW=?
    (some abbreviations elude me)

    Von: we refer to them as "ablative wounds" around here. In my book, they give something for the opposition to shoot at without smooshing the expensive stuff.