Monday, October 18, 2010

[40K] A Newer Player's Q's: Options

I have a couple sample lists finally. A buddy from the game store helped me get started- I was pretty much missing the point when trying to build my lists and was coming way -way- WAY under. I simply didn't understand or know how to operate all the dang options and wargear BT present.

Once I got that out of the way, there came the question of- what STYLE list did I want to run?

I personally see several options- a pure "fluff" list with chaplains, holy sigils, blessings, and so on; a foot list; a fast list; and a small but mighty combination list. I'm sure there are others, or better twists on those- but that's what I see.

For my sample list, I really wanted to go with the fluff- that's why I like the Black Templar so much. They're so incredibly evocative and offer so many options for naming, details and thoughtful touches. I chose a chaplain for my HQ and worked the rest of the list from there.

Before I share my lists- onto the questions. How do you handle picking options or wargear for your armies? Do you try to make things fit with your theme, or effectiveness, or some combination thereof? Do you have a lot of choices, or are you stuck with things that you don't like? Am I crazy, or is 100 points of wargear way to friggin much?!?!?!?!?!


OH, I am so glad I tried to post this!

I just went through typing out the whole list I came up with (with my friend's help)- I was pretty excited about the ideas and options I had in front of me- when I realized...

I forgot The Emperor's Champion.


I'll be back later today with a legal list, I swear!


  1. Yeah, may want an EC with BT! :-D

    What I try to do is think of the kind of army/theme I want to do, and look at the kinds of units I really want to include. Then I think of if an army like that could have a chance. Doesn't need to be amazingly powerful, just have a chance - so that IG army with the theme of "nothing stronger than a lasgun" probably wouldn't make the cut.

    If it makes the cut, then I put the basics down on paper and start tweaking, adding/cutting extras. If taking X as central, what supports/works well with X? What holes need to be filled? Just because something supports a theme doesn't necessarily mean it has to be included - a theme of devotion is good, a chaplain fits in well, but no need to spring for every bit of wargear that supports it too - surely a chappie on his own is sufficiently devoted even without paying extra for purity seals. A SM list around "honour the wargear of the fallen" could be cool to include a ven dread, but you don't necessarily need three.

    If the list then looks like it would work reasonably well and still feels like the idea I wanted in the first place, I'm satisfied. If not, back to tweaking or shelve it.

  2. I'd suggest starting with something that interests you to play - it seems you're into the fluff and style, so go with that. From there, tweak and needed.
    You can certainly build multiple lists that play better against different opponents, but play to have fun, not to win. (as long as you can lose and still have fun)

    It might be worth looking at the new Space Marine codex and pricing out roughly the same army - not familiar with BT or too much Space Marine stuff in general, but people say it's cheaper now. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to use the new codex for rules and use the fluff from the past.

  3. Unfortunately, until the next codex likely takes away Preferred Enemy Chaplains serve almost no purpose for BT, even in fluffy fun lists. It's just really hard to justify the points for an ability that the army already has.

    So you have to have an EC, that's an easy choice. Now you have to decide if you want another HQ at all. The answer to that depends on how important you think Rites of Battle will be for your army. If you think you will need the army-wide LD9/10 then add a Castellan or Marshal. I assure you that an army wide Leadership buff will do significantly more for your army than a chaplain ever would.

    And as a rule of thumb, keep wargear on characters to a minimum. When a random Powerfist can instant drop your 100+ point character you don't want it to be 200+ points that you lose.