Monday, October 18, 2010

[40K] The List (for now)

As promised, I came back with a legal list (at least I think it is).

I need to so some more work, but I have a1500 point list.
The problem? I - absolutely- completely- totally- immeasurably- without remorse- fucking HATE it. The only thing I like on it even a little is the Dread. The EC isn't terrible, but I wish I could make the whole thing more coherent.

Why bother posting it? Because it's some where to start. I'm trying to dial out the bad advice from the very, very smart (special thanks to nikephoros over at Bringer of Victory and Weinas at Indy40K) as well as get a feel for what I like and what I don't. Also, this list is one that I have almost enough models available to proxy and test. I would only need to borrow about 7 Scouts for Neophytes, and we'd just have to say all the bits/weapons present on the models were the ones on the list.

So here it is. Comments, suggestions and absolute ass-ripping are more than welcome, I'm willing to start all over and not sweat it. If there's any glaring illegalities, lemme know, please. Also, I have no real sense of how lists are supposed to be written out, so I'm going to do it the way that makes sense to me and you can help me in the comments, right?

HQ- Commander:
Artificer Armor
Terminator Armor
Frag Grenade
Holy Orbs of Antioch - 126pts

HQ: Terminator Command Squad
5 models
Furious charge
Missile launcher
Assault Cannon-263 pts

Emperor's Champion
Accept Any Challenge -140 pts

Elite: Dreadnaught
Twin linked Las cannon
Heavy Flamer
Tank Hunter
Extra Armor
Smoke Launcher-188 Pts

Troops : Crusader Squad (x2)
10 Initiates
6 Neophytes
Power Fist
Frag & Krak grenades - 578

Troops: Crusader Squad
10 Initiates
Power Fist
Frag & krak Grenades- 205


  1. For your Marshall you'll need to get rid of either the Artificer armor or the Terminator armor as he can't wear both. (Artificer armor is like a suit of extra-fancy power armor.) Also termies can't use grenades so that might keep you from being able to give him the Orb of Antioch if you keep him in the Terminator armor... I just don't remember if it is considered a grenade or not.

    Sorry I don't have any real advice for you, anything I recommend would likely be wrong. I'll shut up and let the better players cover that. I just think if you don't have a positive feeling about it, keep working at it as enthusiasm for your army is going to be crucial to ever getting anywhere with it. Good luck, Loquacious, I'm glad to see you're taking the plunge!

  2. Crap- I meant Terminator HONORS, not armor. See? I'm new.

  3. Well, at least it's an easy fix. : )

  4. If I were you, I might switch the Terminator Command Squad for a Terminator Assault Squad with Furious Charge. You'll save some points because the assault squad can't take heavy weapons, so you could probably afford to add another terminator or two.

    Likewise, you could keep the shooty squad and give them the Tank Hunter ability and substitute another assault cannon for the missile launcher. The look on people's faces when you tell them you will be taking 8 shots at their vehicle at strength 7 that are rending is a lot of fun.

    The dreadnought will likely not get an opportunity to fire his heavy flamer, and the storm bolter that he normally comes with can benefit from the tank hunter ability that you've given it. You can save a few more points that way.

    The challenge that you will likely face with this army is that you have no transports. This isn't a huge problem, since the Templars have the Righteous Zeal rule, and can move faster than normal troops. However, you have to take a morale test each turn that you take casualties, not just 25% casualties. There have been many times that I have lost a single model in the squad to see them fail their leadership 10 test and run off the board in the first turn. You'll be able to mitigate this somewhat by learning to deploy your squads in an overlapping fashion (some people call it "tetris-ing"), so your models can't move straight back.

    The list isn't a bad one and, much like any new army, will take some time to get used to.

    Good luck.

  5. Any particular reason you hate it? If you could start over with just the EC and Dread, what would you do?

  6. Weinas and Sonsoftaurus-

    I really wanted chainfist or lightning claws in the Terminator squad [what's the difference between a Command Squad and an Assault Squad?!?] as well as Crusader Seals on EVERYTHING.

    Doing that, I only had 2 Troops slots. I had a good number of points left over but not enough for anything I could easily fit into a "useful" slot. (Maybe another Termie.... thanks for that thought, Weinas!) I was also concerned about ability to grab objectives with only 2 Troops selections.

    I did --TRY-- to think about things like anti-tech/mech, anti-troop, wound wrapping (I HATE mathhammer!) objective getting/holding and beat-face. I don't know how well I did, but there you have it.

    On transports- I really didn't want to start with any while I proxy and/or learn to play. That's just a whole other level of confusion I didn't want to deal with right away.

    The biggest problem is the list as it stands just doesn't seem fun to me. It seems like a means to an end.

  7. Give the Marshal a power weapon or Lightning Claws, he needs to be killy.

    Change the cyclone missile launcher to a second Assault Cannon and give them tank hunters instead of Furious Charge.

    Lose the Extra armor, Smoke Launcher, and Heavy Flamer from your dread and give him a Missile Launcher for his second arm.

    Lose a neophyte from the big crusader squads to free up the points to buy a flamer for the third crusader squad. Heck, I'd lose all the neophytes and buy Rhinos! Also, you can safely ditch the Krak grenades from your Crusader Squads, that will free up tons of points.

  8. The Command Squad cannot take Lightning Claws or Thunder Hammers, only shooty weapons.

    You may try to free up some points for lightning claws on the Marshall, as Nikephoros said, and place him in one of the Crusader Squads. The EC can lead the other squad.

    Also, I like krak grenades on my large Crusader Squads as it gives them some anti-tank abilities.

    If you're feeling unhappy with the feel of the force, you could scrap the Marshall altogether and use a Chaplain instead. Give him some Cenobyte Servitors and put him in a 20-man Crusader squad and watch that squad fly across the table. Add in another couple of Crusader squads in Rhinos and the Terminators, and you've got yourself a fanatical little force.