Thursday, April 16, 2015

This is Friendship, Part 1

I have been super lucky to make friends with some amazing people over the internet. Some of them have crossed over from "imaginary people" to real, honest and genuine friends that I count on for just about everything.

One of those people is Lauby, the former El Jefe of the House of Paincakes. When he and Dethtron started the joint up, I wrote to them and asked them to let me join their blog roll. I wasn't sure they would say yes, to be honest.

I am primarily into RPGs and not miniatures, and I have a really strange POV about gaming being a lady. Sometimes that reality doesn't mesh with what blog netwerk people have in mind for their membership and I have been told to beat feet at least once.

But they said yes, and then I became a writer for them. Then we got to emailing and chatting and discussing reality and we became friends. The fact that I am from the same town where the two of them met and went to college (Uni) together helped seal the deal in terms of bonding and friendship.

Lauby and I especially hit it off and became pretty good friends. While he was miserable, underemployed and trying to stay sane out on the East Coast, I was floating him regular silly encouragements and general "stay happy" vibes. Many a dick joke has passed between us, as we are both apparently 12.

When I was in a long string of terrible job-itis, Lauby propped me up with continued proclamations of my awesomeness and proudly acted as a reference for me as I applied for a new job for almost a year straight. (From one bad job right into another until I found my current place, which is ridiculously wonderful.)

He himself has had a bad time lately, so rather than let him mope about it, I threatened to come out to see him. He apparently was afraid I would bring my son again because he declined and came over to my house, hung out with me and my dog, and then we went out to eat/drink/be social.

This is proof that Lauby exists and isn't some ridiculous figment of my imagination.

We went to a pub that I really like, but TheDude doesn't care for- so I was thrilled to have a willing victi friend to go with. We had great food and a few drinks. Lauby got hit on by a very aggressive and very confused lady, and we had way too much fun laughing about it on the way home.

This is what friends do- they take care of each other when shit is bad and help each other through that crap. Then they celebrate the good stuff and tell dick jokes.


  1. Great article and I agree. It's rare these days to have friends of that caliber; those who are there to support you and be there for you.

    Think that's the first picture I've seen of either of you. It's like two imaginary people came to life at once :)

    1. There have been pics of both of us before. His were primarily featured in a Happy Birthday post that SinSynn and I did a few years ago (lord that was fun) and mine have all been shots of me from a distance.

    2. You guys are all real and not computers?????

    3. You never know... I live in the town where HAL was invented, so,......??

  2. Hmm. I may have seen that post for Lauby now you mention it. Probably saw some of you too and my memory is just fuzzy.

    Either way, cool to see you two together having a good time. He has that WTF look in this shot.

  3. Good to see Lauby escaped the clutches of the Internet police.

    I've made some good Internet friends too especially at the House yourself included would love to meet up with some in real life but there's some big geographical issues to contend with mostly the Atlantic Ocean.

    I try to make sure my photo never appears on teh internet mostly for fear of breaking the world wide web


    1. I am planning an international world domination tour!