Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is Friendship, Part 2

A while ago, my dad announced to both of my kids that he would take them on AN ADVENTURE. The adventure could be to nearly any place of their choosing, and would last roughly a weekend. Assuming their choice of destination and adventure was attainable, he would take them and they would have a blast.

He put some minor limits on the adventure criteria. It had to be in the continental US and needed to happen when the weather was warmer. He made a couple of suggestions, but ultimately, the choice was made by my kids.

My daughter decided to visit New York, New York.

I hit up my alien friend almost immediately and let him know my family would be traveling to his city. He asked me when, and assured me that he would be nothing less than a gracious host. He worried endlessly about the weather (spring in New York is fickle), and fussed about the subway. He made many faces at the idea that some scrub might bother my kid or my dad, and promised to keep them safe.

That loveable alien switched his on-call weekends around so he could be available to my family the weekend they were there. Despite it all, he got hit with a service call the day he was supposed to meet them, and cussed his bosses pretty fierce that he was all mussed for their meeting.

They went to lunch at a kebob place in Astor Park, and then shopping. There were some special places my kiddo wanted to go, and my buddy showed em around every damn part of the Island on FOOT, according to them. They had a hard time keeping up with my friend, who didn't realize he was killing my dad until he saw some wheezing. According to both my dad and my daughter, they got turned around or lost at least once, but still found some nice places to visit.

One of those places was a purse store. The purse that was purchased was for me. I sure as hell didn't ASK for it. I was sort of badgered into accepting that a purse was GOING TO HAPPEN and I should shush and accept it.

The purse was picked by one party and paid for by another (who wouldn't let anyone pay for cabs, or subways, or nuthin) and sent home for me to enjoy. 

I told SinSynn this when they arrived- there's not many people I trust with my kid, or my dad. He's one of them. He was the perfect soul of a gentleman the whole time, and chatted up my dad and made a very positive impression. My daughter also thought he was da awesome, and compared him to a walking, talking Bugs Bunny. 

That made me laff pretty hard, actually. It's true and so fitting. 

This is way beyond friendship, actually. This man is my family. My kid and my dad went to a strange place and he put 'em up just like they were his own blood and took care of 'em. 

There aren't enough words to state how grateful I am to him. I'll probably spend the rest of my life trying, though. 


  1. Awww. I always suspected his multi-valved fluid propulsion organs were in the right place.

    1. he does have his charms, despite protesting about being cranky all the time.

  2. It's very nice to have friends that you can trust this much that your loved ones are in good, caring hands.

  3. I was disappointed not to see a "Lo hitting SinSynn with newly acquired purse" pic. I had to read the post a second time before realizing you didn't go on this trip yourself. That must've sucked not to see the Xeno yourself, but I'm sure it was nice to know the family was able to enjoy his company, at least. Btw, where was The Boy? Does he get his own adventure?

    - Kellvyn

    1. LOL! I actually promised him that I wouldn't beat him with this purse.

      No, I didn't go. I want to go more than I ever thought I would, now that my kiddo has returned.

      My son will go to DragonCon in Atlanta (with my dad) later this year. I don't know anyone there, though.

  4. That's really awesome. New York really is one of those places where you need/want a guide and SinSynn offering up is pretty cool. What your dad is doing for your kids is priceless as well. They'll always remember the trips they take with him.

    1. yeah, my dad's the best. And SinSynn's pretty ok too