Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Birthday Planning

I have a birthday coming up.

I would ideally like to get friends together and have an evening of dinner and drinks.

The "problem" come in that my birthday always gets overshadowed by our local game convention and Valentine's Day. In addition, my daughter will be having surgery the weekend after my birthday, so finding a weekend to do the aforementioned activity has been a challenge in the making.

I am also faced with the issue that TheDude doesn't like the place I would pick to go drinking. So picking another place to booze away the hours will make the event (should it happen) much more memorable (or not, haha).

So I am plotting my own birthday party... =P


  1. Well, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. You should send you a nice card, but don't sign it because then it will be like a nice anonymous surprise on your Bday. Also, Valentines day is for chumps - no one tells me when to love some one - except the some ones I love. Don't sweat the gaming con or the surgery, both are very routine. Just be there with a barf bag for after - the convention and the surgery. Some folks puke after the anesthetic wears off - the convention and the surgery :P

    1. barfing after the gaming convention almost seems appropriate. so much work and not enough fun.

  2. Congratulations on surviving another year I'll remain a chivalrous gentleman and not ask how many years that makes.

    She Who Must be obeyed got a birthday coming Monday but we don't make a big deal about our birthdays mines new years eve so we're usually skint from Christmas and the January pay packets usually gets eaten paying back everything we've begged borrowed or stolen to get through January also never of us are big drinkers but we might break our recreational herbal remedy moratorium we've been on just for the day

    Hope everything else sorts itself out with a minimum of difficulties and have great day


    1. I'm not real shy about my age. I am proud to have made it this far without dying or killing folks =)

      well light up a tree for her and enjoy the day =)

  3. Well, I plotz with the best of 'em so give me ring and we can cook something up.