Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paper Castles

I found this online. Thought it was neat.

I do not have that kind of talent yet, but it's something to try to learn and develop.


  1. Neat, is that something in a Paper Mache or a card stock thing? Have to admit I was looking at doing something like that to make another Warhound class Titan...

  2. well, the OUTSIDE is cardstock. The inside/structure- I have no idea. I know how to distress/color/alter paper so it looks aged and different, how to assembled multiple pieces to accomplish the illusion of looking like something else, but I do not know how to make a stable structure like this. I've been deconstructing it in my head for a while and am still stuck.

  3. Hey Lo,
    Neat indeed! It looks like something outta Spirited Away or Mr.Howl's Moving Castle.
    Checkout this post about some paperhammer:

    Neat stuff for sure.

    1. Zab,

      It actually is a paper rendition of the moving castle. I found it after my recent re-entry into paper craft related hobby land and have been meaning to post it for a bit.

    2. Ugh, Sometimes I'm just so dumb. That's awesome.

  4. See, I saw that and thought "Work Gargant"....