Thursday, October 18, 2012

State of Affairs

I am currently not playing in any games. My favorite cohort to cause trouble with and discuss ideas with is now working 12+ hours a day. I am bogged down by a lack of any real social life and not as much fun as I want.

I am, in effect, uninspired.

Writing this blog us directly related to my gaming life and what's got me excited and interested today/this week/this month.

At the moment, I'm casually working on a pack of Werewolves for a World of Darkness setting, but I'm not anywhere near done and I find myself stalling a lot.

I also recently rediscovered my affection and adoration for paper crafting and altered art; which might correspond to the lack of gaming ideas and might just be happenstance.

Many of the ideas I had in draft are boring to me now, and I wonder if I need another trip to the strip club to get my mind fired up again.....


  1. Just before starting my blog i had a real hobby slump and recently started to feel it creeping in again as I painted up my DV test models. Then I came across a blog by Hendy where he was doing a contest/ charity thing for Breast cancer awareness month Called Paint the City pink. I read it and decide to paint up a few minis from pulp city for him to auction off. It was totally outside of my usual painting subject matter and I really wasn't even that interested in the prizes but the idea that i could help out a fellow hobbyer with a great cause and use my talent instead of my wallet really inspired me. Its been a blast and now I can't wait to finish the minis and get back TO my DV stuff. I highly recommend this to anyone in a hobby slump. Hobby related charity projects are amazing!

  2. Find a way to combine your new hobby with gaming. Even if it only helps inspire you? Perhaps one of the werewolves was a scrapbooker before they became a werewolf, and continued on afterword? That might be one interesting scrapbook.

    Next year I'm giving a workshop on creativity at All Con, titled How To Improve Your Creativity Even If You Think You're Not.

    One thing is that if your ideas SEEM boring, shelf them for now, DO NOT DISCARD THEM, and come back to them later. They will either seem useable, or may provide inspiration enough to work them into something better. Never, ever discard an idea.


  3. You had a series of posts about women dealing with all sorts of subject matters, many of which weren't strictly gaming related. So if crafting suits your fancy the blog about it! Occasionally stopping to veer off of your beaten path is plenty fine with most I'm sure! I stray off of target sometimes myself. Regardless of what you have to say though, its always a good read.


  4. I'm all for diversifying, show us some papercraft!

  5. I think slumps are okay and a necessary part of the creative process, but they sure aren't any fun to experience at the time. I hope yours ends soon.