Monday, November 12, 2012

The State of Darkness

I got an email recently that lamented the lack of posts regarding World of Darkness recently, specifically mentioning wanting to know what ol' Vinnie was doing.

Well, in a word: nothing.

The Austin game wrapped up a little while ago, after the ST decided it had gone pretty much as far as it could. He gave us a couple of weeks' warning so we could work on/out anything we felt needed some kind of resolution, and then we ended the game on a nice, calm note.

Austin is dark, now.

A few weeks ago, a new game emerged in Austin's place. It is run by the same ST  (and has an additional ST to boot), and is set in Savannah, GA. The game is far more limited in scope, in that there are currently only Werewolves and Mages allowed at this time.

I decided not to join at the time, but after a few sessions, I felt the urge to write creeping on me. I started working on some characters on my own time, and talked about these ideas possibly becoming NPCs in the future of the game.  The ST seemed to like the idea and asked me to send along the finished products.

I'm not finished.

My problem has been the same as with my blog--- I have a very specific idea I want to get across, and my words are totally failing in that endeavor. On my blog posts, I have been working on a specific idea for a month or more, and I still can't get it across the way I want. With the NPCs, I have a group of three, and the third one has me stuck on a specific sentence, and I can't get past it.

I'm usually able to move around an obstacle, but these writing/blogging related issues are dragging me down like so much undertow.

At the same time as the logjam in the word department, I am suddenly thinking in visual terms, deciphering colors and shapes into ideas for cards, altered art projects and other crafty type stuff.

Inked glass is one of my favorite project types 

I've been playing around with the things that are inspiring me right now, hoping that they will carry over into the words that just aren't coming at the moment.

It hasn't happened yet, but I keep hoping. I keep looking for ways to bring words to life.


  1. Solidarity. I find that, after initial inspiration, ideas often take their own time to solidify properly... then a pause... then it all just comes staggering forward as if from somewhere, someone else.

    Oh, to have a genuine method.

  2. Had the same problem at work a while ago. I write trailers for TV shows everyday, on the next criminal minds this, an all new arrow that. The approval process can be brutal too. I took a walk to the mall and did some people watching. I had never seen how they set up Santa's area where the kids cry on his lap for pictures. 30 yrs old and it was always just there and then gone. So i watched them as they set it up. Very elaborate and inspiring. Try something new, try something old, try something you think you might hate - hell, go scream at cheese in the supermarket. You wouldn't believe where you can find inspiration hiding. Good luck with your creative block ;)

  3. My suggestion as an outsider...

    Reread a favorite book that has given you inspiration in the past.

    I'll be in some corner... turning to the dark side... :P