Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Weekly Whimsy] OOPS!

I completely and totally forgot to link to my Weekly Whimsy post from Sunday. I wrote it, mocked it up, and sent it on over to The House of Paincakes for your reading pleasure.

This coming Sunday, the post will be up here and over at the HOP, so double your enjoyment.


  1. Wait, I came here for the whimsy romance post! I was just considering trying some Fiasco and seeing if your post might offer any insight. ;)

  2. The romance post was a figment of your imagination... or something.

    It will post later this week at it's regularly scheduled time. The internet gremlins tried to eat it and so I had to publish it momentarily to prevent that.

    Fiasco- wow. That sounds like a FUN date!