Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey folks,

There are only a couple more days to enter. I got some BANGIN' entries in the past couple days and I am telling you, Iam glad to be a part of this community more and more each day based on the work I'm seeing. I can't wait to close the contest and give some great stuff away!

Reminder, the contest closes at 10:00AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, Sat February 12. (Yes, that's my birthday.) Send your entries by email (available in my profile) and good luck!


  1. When are you announcing the winners? Can't wait to see the cool stuff people submitted.

  2. Thor: I'm thinking it will be early next week. (Monday or Tuesday). I'm waiting until all the entries are in to make a final judgment- though I have some personal favorites at the moment. I promise I'll be fair!