Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drawing Winners and a New Arrival

Follower Random Drawing Winners to be revealed! 

So I went ahead and took all the names on my Blogger Follower list yesterday- I think it was 103 names in total, although a few appear to be dupes or jokes. I printed them out onto paper and cut the paper into strips, folded them up, and drew two names. [BTW, I got some great slave labor out of TheGirl, who is also helping judge the main contests. PS: She is 14 and easily excited, amused and distracted. SHINY contest entries are accepted gleefully on her behalf.] 

The winners are:

Greg Christopher



Congratulations! A newer addition and a long time reader are both represented with these two fellows, and I'm excited to share my World with all involved. Thanks for stopping by- you make this all worthwhile!!!!

Please email me (available in my profile) with some sort of header (ie Contest winner, Drawing Winner etc) to let me know how to get you your goodies. Deadline to hear from you will be Friday, February 11 by 9:00PM Central Standard Time, or I draw replacement names until 2 sets of goodies are given away. 

In other news, I am proud to introduce the newest addition to my Crusade, The Emperor's Champion. He comes to me courtesy of Von, all the way from the UK. He's a beast- and he has a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG sword.

Here he is!

He's making friends with my Templar crew now, whipping them into Ecclesiastic frenzy while telling them of his mighty exploits against Ork Warbosses, FarSeers, a Chaos Lord and more.

I can't wait to bring him to 40K night and lay the smacketh down. Yay! THANK YOU VON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Well,



  1. Grats to the winners! Heheh I was number 103 ;)

  2. Wait, is that MY name up there? Cool!

  3. Congratulations to the two winners! And the Emperors Champion looks like a great addition to your force.


  4. Hee! Yer welcome. He was starting to look a bit lonely with only two Chaos Marines left for company, and it's been literally years since he saw the battlefield, so I suspect he'll be better off with you.

  5. Congrats everyone and may your Champion, Lo, slay lots of xenos and heretics in the name of the Emperor.