Monday, January 31, 2011

[40K] Help for a new player callout: BLOOD ANGELS

So I'm not the only new player at the FLGS anymore! There's a new guy, Nick, who is super nice. I need links, links, links and MORE links to send his way for his Blood Angels. He's BRAND NEW- (played 2 games) and could really use some easy to understand strategy, tactics, codex discussion and more for his reading/learning pleasure.

Please help me help another new player! You guys have always come through for me... I want to pass it on.

Be Well,



  1. Tell him to go read up on 3++ is the new black.

  2. I concur with fester. 3++ is the place to be.

  3. :-) Send him my e-mail address, I'd be happy to give him some pointers, but of course bear in mind that I play Flesh Tearers, and so "Hyper Aggressive Berserkers" is pretty much how I play my BA lists...

  4. what STYLE of BA does he want to run?

    3++ is good stuff.

    and while I'm not a BA player, I do know the light armor game. BA's can make one heck of a good mobile razorback list.

    Chappel's a good local resource for him too.

  5. I've done a few army lists and other related articles on Blood Angels which can be found here

    Other than that 3++ and YTTH are your best bets for army advice and there are links to both of them on my Blog list.

  6. thanks guys. PChappel: I have tried to point him your way a couple times... hope you guys get to talk soon.