Saturday, December 4, 2010

[WOD] Eile's Night Out

[WOD Session write up from Nov 27]

You('re) the party, 
I'm just the guest list - Justin Timberlake, Chop Me Up

*I made up with TK. I really need him right now, but I don't know how much longer I can use him. I talked to him about Bruce. I want Bruce gone-I hope this pans out. *

 *I went to work. Dottie and a new guy, Nathan were there. Nathan was one of US, and new to town. He was asking a lot of general interest questions. Somehow I found out Avere had been admitted to an asylum. That's a tough break, but I didn't think she was long for this world. Terrance was nearby, as usual.*

 *I excused myself from the bar, and went to go talk to David and Raaf. Somehow Dottie wound up there, too. The girl's starting to get awful nosey. I have to watch her. She left eventually. I talked to David- the
more I talk to him, the harder it is to be nice to him. He does so many things all wrong- I'd eat him alive if I were of his kind. I can't wait to eliminate him. Switched over to Raaf and tried to offer a cut on my new enterprise in exchange for protection and wound up getting into negotiations for a fight club and getting Terrance something productive to do. The exchange between Raaf and I is so electric- it's delicious. I find that scrawny runt of a man truly wonderful, just for food alone. Then there are so many other considerations with him... We talk terms about the potential agreement. He's much more perceptive than his leader. He drives a hard bargain, and I enjoy that more than words can say. --- they have a new one in the house-- but I know nothing about him*

 *I went back to the bar. Bruce and TK are there , but TK's ignoring me. His mouth is open and his eyes are wide, and he's pointing at some new guy like he's a long lost relative. The new guy sits at the bar, and asks
for a drink. I serve him a beer. Something's not quite right about this guy- he's talking about being dead with Bruce like it's an every day event. He loses his temper over something dumb, and gets up to leave. I ask him to pay- the beer isn't free and I don't want to get docked. The guy ignores me and tries to leave, and then throws a fit. I got in his face- it's over money, and I'm sure not letting that go easily. He grabs me and pushes me against the bar, face down- and while TK yells at him, it's Bruce that comes to defend me. Dottie calls the cops, but I'm already gone.

What was that? Where am I? Is SHE coming? Did SHE find me? Why is it so cold? Run run run run run run run

*I found myself with some old friends. I got a couple quick jobs to generate some cash- Terrance needs money to bet with. I need some money to protect my interests. I find a good forger- I need some papers for a big boy like Terrance. He doesn't blend.*

I  don't know where I am. I have to get back -I have to check on Terrance. I don't know where he is. Could HE be after Terrance? SHE would do that, just to hurt me. I have to get back. I have to get back. I have to get back.

*I get back to the bar. Terrance is there, with Avere. What is he doing with her? Nathan, TK, and Bruce are there too. I did try to talk to Avere, but she was worse than ever with me. Some very creepy guys in black suits come into the bar and ask for Duncan; but Avere is already on the way to get him. He comes down and he asks us to leave. When they leave, we find out that he made a DEAL and he can't pay his end of the bargain. He needs $250,000 in 3 months. He believes he needs to find a way to expand business, but he doesn't think any of US will go back after the attack because WE know it's not safe once THEY find US. I make a suggestion, but I don't think anyone believes I am serious. You never know with a girl like me.*

  *Wake for Walker Lee.... the pack came... I like Ginger very much. Lots of people were there, but none talked about the man who died... it was strange. The Cowboy hummed some sort of dirge... and it was beautiful.

*TK and Frank got into some kind of argument, I think. That little familiar is much more powerful than TK lets on- TK was dangling from the ceiling, kicking and screaming- but I have no idea what happened. Terrance made some very unkind remark, Bruce and Nathan just kept staring- and I was completely unable to help- again. Not for long, bitches... 

I'm so hungry. I need to eat. Oh, I could drain the whole room and still not be full. I need to eat. Who looks tasty today? 

*I go to the club. There's work to be done, and there's money to be made. * 


  1. So, I'm guessing you went with Streetwise...

    Another thing, are all these people PCs, and in that case, how many NPCs are there in this chronicle?

  2. I'll try to answer part of your question.
    I can't tell you how many total NPCs are in the chronicle because I've only been watching playing for a couple of months now.

    Almost all of these people are PCs. Only Frank and Duncan are NPCs. I think that Duncan used to be a PC, but is now an NPC run by the ST.