Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Real Life Update sorta thing

Update on my car:

The other driver was DUI, without a license, multiple citations against him, didn't speak English and the car he drove was not his. He was, however, apprehended shortly after he left the scene of the accident, and the vehicle he drove did have insurance. The company insuring the vehicle in question isn't very highly rated, and getting a settlement out of them was going to potentially take A YEAR. So I filed with my own insurance to speed things along.

I got my insurance to give me an acceptable offer on my car, and we settled Monday. They towed it this morning. I will have at least a temporary replacement car later this week (probably one a friend will let me drive for a few days) but until then, I am working at a different branch of my work due to transportation issues. (My normal branch is 30 miles away from my house and TheDude and I work overlapping shifts so I have a way there but not home.) All this means I am working a shift I don't normally work and my blogging schedule has been screwed to hell.

I'll be doing some posts over the next couple days that are going to be essentially empty so I can turn them into links for the Beginner's Project. Please ignore them, folks. I'll make them awesome soon.

I also have a WOD post in the works, but I'm not sure when it will be done. I'm trying to edit it. It's really hard to condense what happened, as so much was talking. There was a minor combat that will have MASSIVE repercussions down the road, so I need to include that.

My Fridays are open, so I'm looking at what topic to cover- or what topic to double up with. I'm considering a 40K WIP day to motivate me to paint some more, but I'm open to other options.

Any suggestions?

Be Well,



  1. Best wishes on adjusting to the new work and life situation, I'm really sorry to hear this has affected you in so many ways. Again I'm thankful it was no worse, but still....

    As for your World of Wonder, I'm always a fan of WIP posts. I think seeing what other people are working on helps keep me motivated to do more as well.

    I hope things work out okay for you, Loquacious. Take care!

  2. Sucks that you have to make the claim, but I suppose it's better to make it and move on than sit there wrangling for a year.

    Good luck. I look forward to whatever appears, regardless of what or when.

  3. I had to do the same thing when I was in a accident a few years ago. I made the claim with my insurance company and they sued the other guy. When the lawsuit was settled I got my money back.

    I was without my car for a week once. Totally screwed me up. I had to stay with relatives in town and have them take me to work and back. It was BAD.

    I agree, whatever you decide to do is cool with me.

  4. Man, that sucks so bad, and it's completely wild to hear it would unfold like that. In Canada we have "no fault insurance".. everyone's rates go up, but in cases like this where police determine fault, yours might not and your insurance takes care of you and deals with the other person's insurance - who are required to pay out, no lawsuits.

  5. Me and my family have an auto collision shop and what you did was absolutely the best thing. Let your insurance handle the mess with the other company because that can get ugly for a person. You will get your deductible from your company @ some point and if your rates go up I'd be shocked... if they do you should dump them!

  6. Ai ai ai, what a nightmare. Fingers crossed that your insurance company comes through and you have a new set of wheels very soon.

  7. I hope things get back to normal for you as soon as possible.