Friday, December 3, 2010

[Blogging][40K] Blogroll Finds!

I told you my schedule was screwy! I should be back to normal very very soon- I hope Sunday will get me back on track.

I will soon be changing my posting schedule just a little due to a change in my gaming schedule. I have to mentally map that out but I'll keep you in the loop.

I went on a link-clicking expedition and have found a whole bunch of awesome stuff to check out, if not devour whole cloth. I have to say I have a pretty big blogroll, but I'm always willing to grow it if I find good writing and interesting material.

This week, I found 3 separate Black Templar resources, so I am majorly stoked. This  and this are seriously fantastic and I'm thrilled to read them until my eyes bleed.  I've finally decided on which figures/slots I want to buy so I can paint a small force, and get myself moving in a forward direction. I HOPE I'll have dudes after Christmas.

Speaking of dudes, I am straight out of ideas on what to get TheDude for Christmas. He has access to (and ability to buy) pretty much any gaming product he wants. I'm thinking of music, his other major love. We're a little behind Dethtron in how much we own, but we have a massive music collection and he's always on the lookout for new additions to the family. He'll listen to darn near anything, but he's specifically into metal & punk.

Please help a lady out- send me some of your favorite stuff or brand new finds. I don't want to give a lame gift...


  1. Any particular genre of metal that he really enjoys?

  2. Shame on you for talking about your awesome finds without sharing links!

    Even if he has the ability to buy whatever stuff he wants, he probably doesn't. Maybe there's things that he's mentioned but hasn't gotten yet.

    Music wise, a few years back I got this as a present and rather enjoyed it. Aside from the CDs themselves, the book that comes with it is pretty good.

    I don't have this one, but it looks like it could be good too:

  3. If he's a Tron fan, wait a week for the score from Daft Punk.

  4. Antipope: Um. Everything? He's not real big on Death or grindcore, but will give everything a listen. Some favorites are Monster Magnet, Opeth, Bad Religion, Clash, Ramones, and Voivod

    Sons: I included links, but I will feature them specifically soon. We have the 70's Box set- that's a beauty. I'll have to look for the 80's underground thing.

    Dethtron: Got any more? I'm probably getting a car for Christmas. I can't just give him ONE thing.

  5. I don't know much about music, but if you have gaming space at your home, he may like a mat from Zuzzy ( My wife got me one last year, and it's awesome. It makes for a great gaming surface. It rolls back up and can be stored in the shipping box.

    If money is no object (because everyone who plays with little army men must be rich, right?), Albion Swords ( makes authentic weapons by replicating museum pieces taken from that era. The swords are fully functional. Imagine a sword that is the same size and weight, and is made using the same techniques that were used in ancient Rome, or medieval France. No gamer nerd could be unhappy with that.

  6. British Sea Power and Death Cab For Cutie are two of my lesser known favourites. Starsailor too.

  7. If you want to try some a little more obscure, here's some great indie Canadian choices followed by a couple Brits.

    Scarlet Sins -

    Johnny Hollow -
    (actually been to a few art/fashion/suspension shows from the girl who did the runway scene clothes)

    Jakalope -

    Metric -

    Mumford and Sons -

    Muse -

    You could always dig up DVDs of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000. Sooo classic.

  8. Looking at the "Wall of Sound" that is Loq's and mine music collection, she's given y'all "hints" of my tastes, but here are a few more to chew on...

    Pop Will Eat Itself
    Faith No More
    Transmetal (Mexican Thrash Metal)
    Sisters of Mercy
    Siouxsie & the Banshees
    24-7 Spyz
    House of Freaks
    Midnight Oil
    Hunters & Collectors
    Johnny Cash
    Chuck Berry
    Big & Rich
    Alice In Chians
    Pink Floyd
    Planet P Project
    the The

    ...and many, MANY more...

    Looking over the comments...

    Freedom's Call... Have not heard, but will go look

    British Sea Power... also haven't heard...

    Death Cab For Cutie... I have heard them, but they do nothing for me...

    Muse... also does nothing for me...

    Scarlet Sins, Johnny Hollow, Jakalope, Metric, Muford and Sons... not heard of, let alone heard...

    As for the Heavy Metal soundtracks (both the original and HM2000)... we got 'em. =)

    peace all...

    the Dude

  9. Okay, quite varied taste there I see :) I would suggest CDs from the following very interesting (to my taste) bands:
    strapping young lad-city
    southern culture on the skids-dirt track date

  10. Does he also play Warhammer? If so, you could get him something from Boltthrower or D-Rok. I've been out of the metal scene for quite a long while, so I don't know if they're classified as "death metal," but they're quite intense. The good thing about them is their music is based on the warhammer world...

  11. Danko Jones, if you can get any of his stuff down there...

    For a Black Flag/Circle Jerks vibe: OFF!

    Frank Turner, perhaps?

  12. Lost Horizon "a flame to the ground beneath"

    Origin "antithesis"- this one may be a little heavy for his tastes, but it's easily among the most complicated, fastest death metal albums ever made.

    also since it appears he's into sixouxsie and smashing pumpkins and some other shoegazy stuff check out M83. "saturdays=youth" is their most recent album, but they're all pretty good, except the first one.

    if you want something totally out there fang island is like a bunch of really talented indie rockers who also happen to like metal and andrew wk. their new album is self titled and wonderful

    last if he doesn't have them already operation ivy and minor threat both have their complete recordings on one disc that have been reissued recently. punk rawk!