Saturday, November 27, 2010

[WOD] Eile

Eile's a true hunter, always looking for a tasty morsel, a quick fix, a get rich scheme. She uses her wits to get by as best she can in this world. She uses, steals and lies to whatever end will get her the gratification she seeks (usually short term). She escaped to the idea of freedom, rather than FROM something else. She's running scared, but keeping her nose in the wind for something better. The things she hopes and dreams of are deeply hidden, unlikely to surface or be recognizable (even to herself) until she grows stronger.

Eile (eee-yell) deliberately rejects the Hedge. She gathers no Goblin Fruit,  builds no Hollow,  doesn't travel Trods, doesn't dream, and rarely if ever shops at Goblin Markets. Those she frequents are built on the Edges of the Hedge, rather than in it. [My ST has a very different geography for Goblin Markets than in the book.] Thus, she feeds exclusively on emotions.

As a Spring Courtier, she works in desire, greed and envy very well. Her various tricks include cons, grifting, old fashioned street hustling, and using her very overt sexuality to her advantage. The fix she gets from each hit is now wearing off more and more quickly, leaving her very much an addict, coming at you for a little more.

Her human mask is a woman about 5'7", shoulder length soft brown hair, cut straight. She's got an angular face with a big mouth full of teeth, and a wicked smile. Very long legs, dresses in a "messy dressy" sort of way with clothes from Goodwill, Salvation Army etc. However, she has GREAT shoes. Think Eliza Dushku with straighter hair and you have the picture. She wears a RiddleKith disguise almost constantly to guard her true mein.

Here's her write up, including XP. (The ST gives 27 starting XP, and 15 additional XP have been spent here.)

Real Name: Ellie Stevens (this memory is lost in the echoes of Arcadia)
Other Aliases: Ellen, Eileen, Ella, Alana, Ellery, Emerson

Current name: Eile

Concept: Grifter/Con Artist
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Coyote
(Special Rule: May spend Willpower to gain +5 dice instead of +3 to Socialize or Persuasion)
Court: Spring

Mental Attributes (tertiary) Int 2, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes (secondary) Str 1, Dex 3, Stamina 3
Social Attributes (primary) Pre 3, Man 3, Comp 2

[+1 to Presence or Manipulation when used to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive others]

Physical Skills (secondary) Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Larceny (Breaking & Entering) 2, Stealth (Quick Retreat) 2, Survival 2

Social Skills (primary) Animal Ken (Lupine)1, Empathy 2, Persuasion 2, Socialize (The "long con") 2 Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2

Health: 8
Clarity: 7
Derangements: None
Wyrd: 1 (10/1)
Glamour: 9
Willpower: 4
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Initiative: 6
Defense: 2
Armor: none

Merits: Barfly, Fast Reflexes, Resources 2, Harvest Emotion 2 (Each Dot adds 1 die to rolls related to Gathering Glamour) pg 94, New Identity 2, Contacts: Cons, Mantle: Spring 1, Striking Looks, Rigid Mask

Contracts: Tongues of Birds & Words of Wolves (dice pool 2+1 or 2) pg 142, Beast's Keen Senses (dice pool 3+1) (Lupine for Both), Riddle Kith (Dice Pool 5) pg 129, Cupid's Eye (Dice Pool 4) pg 149

Pledges: none

Seeming Blessings:

-8 Agains on Animal Ken rolls & get specialty to reflect seeming
-Can spend Glamour to add to dice pools to involving Presence & Composure

Seeming Curse:
-Minus 4 on untrained mental skills
-(Special rule) Minus 2 vs Willpower checks to resist Social Interactions

Court Mantle Blessing: +1 to dice pools for social interactions with members of court in question

Weapons/Attacks: none

I have some experience (apx 12) to spend. I'm considering any of  the following: 

Dot 2 in Str (So I can buy Fleet of Foot Merit) (Cost: 10)
Dot 3 in Persuasion or Streetwise (Cost 9)
Skin Mask Contract (Cost:8)
Mask Of Superiority (Cost 6) [REQUIRES RP to justify per ST directions]
EITHER Buy Up Resources to 3 Dots (Cost 6) OR
Drop a Dot
(to justify a large amount of money Eile will get very shortly in game)
Fickle Fate (Cost 4)
Wrong Foot (Cost 4) (So I can buy Nevertread)
Perfect Stillness (Cost 4) (ROS Book pg 94)
Specialty in Subterfuge (bald-faced lie) (Cost 3)

Thoughts? Any other ideas?


  1. Super write up! Between you, me and Harald there is some god WoF blogging going on. Hopefully others will get inspired to share their material, too.

    Regarding those xps, I would buy the Strength up to 2. I say this because if your character ever gets into a bind that Strength 2 can be helpful for Brawling attacks. Also, there are a number of pistols that have a Strength 2 requirement. I know it's a bit combat meta-gamey, but it could help.

    Let us know what you do.

  2. Strength seems like a good all-around thing to improve. Maybe not as fun as some of the other choices, but it would seem to be the most beneficial?

  3. I'd recommend Streetwise. Why get strength when you can get a better gun? Besides, streetwise is useful for all sorts of stuff, and reading your write-up, it sounds right up her alley.

    I get the 'running away' bit (I'm assuming that's why you want Fleet of Foot), but if your brains cant keep you out of trouble, trust Colonel Colt. If your ST runs with the Str-req's for guns, get a small, nasty SMG, close your eyes, and fill the air with lead. At least that should get you a head start ;)

  4. No gun, mostly due to a lack of the Firearms skill. The only person able to teach the skill is highly unlikely to instruct anything other than "point, shoot" which isn't even 1 dot.

    A knife might make more sense.

  5. I think your speed is wrong.
    base speed is Str+ Dex +5 (human factor)
    2+4+5= speed 9


  6. Whoops!
    That should be 1+3+5=9 Doh!


  7. Well, as a ST, and having done a bit of shooting, I'd say all you need to get the first dot is to find a secluded location a squeeze off a few rounds. There's a reason they called the first revolvers equalizers - it's not black magic.

    To continue buying the dots (at least the second) I'd say the same rule applies. Thereafter, well, my European conception of the US is that finding someone to show you how to shoot should be easy. Then again, I'm not your ST.

    If you're choosing the blade as your weapon of choice, Str is definitely the way to go.

    But the big question is, what do you want to do. Rather, ignore all meta-arguments, and figure out what Elie would do. The Str-option would be a pretty big shift in her entire way of approaching things, I'd say. The others, as far as I can tell, seems to build on what she allready is. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up doing.

  8. Tom: Fixed.

    Harald (et all): I honestly don't see Eile as a gun girl. A gun just seems too obvious. The Str (if it happens) is solely intended to meet a required element to go faster when running the heck away. I honestly thought I already HAD Fleet of Foot, but discovered I was wrong (and why) when putting up the sheet.

    Now higher Str to use a knife more effectively- I can see that. I could also see another dot of Brawl in the same vein.

    The big downside to all of this is that my ST is pretty big on 'storyline reasoning'- he wants to see an effort made on a somewhat regular basis to show that I'm working on the element -IN STORY. I haven't been, so far. It would probably be a big stretch for me to convince him STR is a legit choice.

    Skinmask and Resources and/or Streetwise and resources are my favorites so far, but I have yet to decide. Maybe my write up of last session which will appear later this week will influence your thoughts... I dunno.

  9. I'd have to say that I can see Eile picking up knife at some point, maybe find someone to teach her how to use said weapon. Having said that I can more reasonably see her increasing streetwise or resources as they seem to go better with what I have read.