Thursday, November 25, 2010

[Mom Time] Later Rumblings

Sorry for the late-ish post guys. I spent a much needed day with my family- TheDude, TheBoy and TheGirl. We slept in SUPER late (3 of the 4 of us are night owls, so anything prior to noon is "early") and vegged around. We then went to TheParents' house for dinner.

That's right, I didn't even cook my own dinner, I made my parents do it! [No, really- they offered and I accepted.] Had a great time with my brother & his wife as well as a couple "bonus family" members and generally revelled in the fact that I have it pretty good.

My kids are quickly approaching adulthood, and so moments when I'm still "Mommy" are pretty rare. [Most of the time, I am "Mom".] I had one of those "Mommy" moments with each of my kids earlier this week (separately, of course) and recognized it for what it was- a gentle nudge that they're still my kids even as they grow up.

I just wanted to wish you all the kind of relaxation, enjoyment and genuine gratitude I had today.

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