Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[HS6e] Hawaii Action- (Session 8)

Over 2 hours of unabashed and much needed silliness transpired before our game ever got under way. There was a dropping of  an "H" and then turning it into a ladder and then steering wheel; admonishments to 'shoosh' and then fierce instructions to go outside, as well as ridiculous riffing on things unremembered. I completely lost ability to breathe and damn near passed out from the jovial hilarity we shared. I especially enjoyed my GM's unbridled rant (and I cannot remember what it regarded, dammit) as he has the most absurd sense of humor and outrage I've ever seen; and they're doubly hilarious when combined.

Quick shots of what happened:

-Syphon was out patrolling and 11 dudes with BIG GUNS tried to get the drop on her, however, they failed to hit her. She went to go get Agent Williams, as he's the only one who has a fixed location she knows.

Red Block Guys are a good stand-in for the bad guys Syphon saw.

-Agent Williams works at the Army base and some very amusing moments occurred when the MPs had to try to talk to her  Sample quote: " You don't SPEAK sign language, silly, you use your hands...(muttered) don't you?"

-Remainder of Ultras called and arrive at Army base. All gathered in Williams' (very crowded) office. Discussion of the various problems the Ultras face ensues.[Fairly hilarious one at that.]

-Lisa asks Jerry if he can reverse engineer the shoes in some way as she thinks they are part of how she's light & less strong. Jerry  attempts looking at them but is confounded by Lisa's Michael Kohrs dress (the boots go up much further than the hem of the dress) as well as the fact that the boots or mechanism reversing Lisa's abilities does not seem in any way technological. Jerry asks to see the rest of the boots/outfit. Lisa drops the dress and the crew finally sees the outfit 'Nani gave her (except Jumpshot who is off looking for something - he'll return soon.)  Jerry continues to examine the boots and has absolutely no luck cutting them or getting them unzipped. He tests the various straps on Lisa's outfit to determine everything but the bikini bottoms are made of the tougher, resistant material.

[That the bikinis are made of regular material is news to both Lisa and ME- I didn't ask enough questions and made an assumption. And the GM is definitely one of those "what do you get when you assume" kinds of guys.]

-Somehow Lisa's predicament becomes the focus of the group (maybe it's because she's half naked in the middle of the room, I dunno) and various attempts are made to remove the boots. Jumpshot pipes up with "has anyone tried to open the lock?" and there's dead silence. Then an uncomfortable pause as everyone generally looks at him just a little presumptuously (assuming a black man will know how to pick a lock). 

Jumpshot calls for some bolt cutters. He asks Lisa if she wants to go through with trying to open them. he makes it plain that once it's done, there's no going back. Lisa is more than a little conflicted, but comes away with some firm resolve after realizing that 'Nani is out there somewhere, and Lisa has no way to protect her without abilities. Lisa tells Jumpshot to go ahead and try.

Jumpshot attempts to cut the lock open. No dice. Another couple attempts are made and the lock is simply too sturdy for the cutters. Syphon decides to drain the energy/(something) from the lock, and THEN cutters are attempted again. It takes several tries - with several different members of the Ultras attempting- before headway is made.

-As all this is going on, Agent Williams has been on the phone the entire time. He's apparently been negotiating with head honcos in Washington (or somewhere other than Hawaii) to get more resources, support, a GUN. Lisa overhears some very telling comments that make her more than a little nervous that what she's about to do (return her Ultra powers) is actually something she wants to do.

-The lock opens. Lisa heads to the bathroom to change because she knows it won't be long before there are many broken things if she doesn't get out of the boots. She changes and makes minor adjustments, and returns to the group.

-Agent Williams gets off the phone. He tells the assembled Ultras that he's been authorized to offer the group "jobs" as federal agents, working in the HURT division. The deal is pretty much all or nothing- he either gets the whole group or none at all. He hands out a massive manual, which is the stuff an agent is supposed to know and/or do. The group discusses the possibility along with the many things the group is attempting to resolve. Pretty much everyone except Lisa and Freestyle are on board. Freestyle's main concern is age, as he's 16 he's not sure he'd be eligible for a position. Lisa flat out refuses to do anything until 'Nani is found.

--I can't remember exactly what happens next. I think it was discussion of getting radios and fining a place for Syphon to sleep as she was attacked very close to her alley. I know Lisa offered a temporary place to crash at her beach home. I'm pretty sure this is where we wrap up for the night.


  1. AWW WHAT!?!? I want to find out what happens next!! Curse youuu Loq!

  2. Nice post. Sounds like you all had a great time. Sounds like it took your group as long as it took the Phoenix group to join HURT. I'm thinking about stopping by some time to watch your game (and the Dudes game too).


  3. We didn't join, though. We're still deliberating!

  4. Oh yeah, you are! I sorta skipped right over that little item.