Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 7)

It's only half past the point of no return
The tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn
The thunder before lightning, the breath before the phrase
- Pink, Glitter In The Air -----------------------------------------------------------------

[I'm trying something a little different today. I'm not married to it- it's an experiment. Also, I think I have the order of some sequences mixed up; but have the general jist down.]

In the midst of a dark beach, a wide panning shot focuses on a long angular beachhouse. Formed of concrete and steel, at least two walls are cascading sheets of glass. The building is a fusion of stark modern design and sleek Japanese furnishings. Along a far wall, is a gleaming white surfboard, with the initials "LK" written in elaborate script across the surface. A smaller, deep red board, with ornate cherry blossoms stencilled onto it sits beside it. Sparsely appointed, with wide open spaces, very little of the living space is secluded.A simple folding screen guards the sleeping area, and a slight alcove seems to contain the facilities and utility room.

The sound of waves crashing and breaking lull in the background, drumming a dim pulse to the peaceful venue. Soft light, drifting ambiently from the moon filters in the space as the view moves into the area behind the screen. A traditional futon on a wooden frame, well stuffed and finely stitched is on the far left, nearest the wall. Nestled beside it, on the floor, is a simple futon mattress with Lisa, legs akimbo, sleeping soundly in her new getup.

The sun begins to rise, spreading amber into the room, and Lisa stirs with the beginning of the day. She retreats to the alcove for several moments, and emerges, a slightly befuddled look upon her face. She shakes it off, and moves into the main portion of the house.

Her tall form stretches as she dusts, washes the windows, sweeps and then cleans the open galley style kitchen. Lisa continues working around the house, doing chores and keeping busy. At some point during the day, she investigates the flashing light on an answering machine on a small table in a corner.

The heartbeat of water continues as the screen follows Lisa in her daily routine. We're immersed in her world, lulled by the deepening course of waves, beating like breaths.

As the day moves on, Lisa dresses in casual beach wear over her boots and other accouterments, and sits on the beach, watching the clear blue water and those that seek to tame or ride it. As evening turns, Lisa returns to the house, and investigates a well designed garage- empty. The inside of the house is bare as well. Lisa makes a brief telephone call, her voice muted by the waves drumming.

Lisa leaves the house, walking up the streets of Honolulu in the early evening. She travels to an office building and then to several malls. Lisa continues walking after each location, and heads towards the house on the beach.

Lisa's hand reaches into her pocket, and she seems to view a text message on a cell phone. A short exchange of messages occurs and Lisa changes direction. She heads towards a mountain in the distance. Lisa moves with more purpose, slightly picking up speed. Something bothers her, and she slows down. She stops at a park bench, and tentatively puts one of her boot clad feet against the seat. The bench supports her foot as she attempts to remove the boot, which won't unzip or come undone. Lisa sees another message on her phone, which causes her to continue towards the mountain.

The water driven pulse continues as Lisa jogs up the mountainside, headed into the darkening evening.

Lisa arrives, winded, upon a scene where several other "Ultras" and Agent Williams are standing, all admiring a grey & black 2010 Porsche 911 GT3. The driver's side door is open, but no one is in the car. A couple of the Ultras are gathered on the side of the road, looking at the gravel.

Lisa steps to the car, and her hand moves under the driver's seat to push it all the way back. Lisa gets in the car, closes the door, and turns on the radio. Devo's Mind Games blares, just slightly audible through the door and the water which continues drumming.

The shot opens up to see Freestyle looking under the car, and Jumpshot knocking on the window of the high-end sports car. Lisa gets out of the car, holding a small clutch. Her slightly anguished expression gives hint to heartbreak.

Lisa and Agent Williams appear to talk for a moment, with Agent Williams investigating something on his iPad. Lisa seems more perplexed and unsettled by whatever Agent Williams has said, as she pulls her blode hair away from her face in frustration.

Jumpshot and Freestyle approach Lisa to point to the roadside, and then up the mountain. Their conversation, aimed at Lisa, is drowned out by a crescendo of waves, the heartbeat deafening. Jumpshot wraps Lisa in his arm, and heads up the mountain, leaping to the beat of the water.

The group arrives to a culdera at the top of the now-dormant Diamondhead. Jerry and Steel Warrior are investigating a steam vent, and Syphon appears to be doing the same. Lisa stands to the side as the remainder of the group is seemingly grasping at straws in the steam vent flue. SteelWarrior backs up to take a running leap at the vent, and as he passes through, a piece of paper flitters out of the vent. Syphon hands the paper to Lisa, which she puts in the clutch.

In the long shot, Jumpshot, Steel Warrior, Jerry and Syphon all engage Lisa in a converstion after Freestyle heads down the mountain. After a while, Jumpshot takes Lisa back down the mountain, where she gets in the Porsche, and drives to the beach house, Jumpshot trailing behind. Once the car is inside the garage, Jumpshot leaves, headed another direction.

In the midst of a dark beach, a wide panning shot focuses on a long angular beachhouse. Formed of concrete and steel, at least two walls are cascading sheets of glass. The building is a fusion of stark modern design and sleek Japanese furnishings.


  1. Hmm, it's really interesting to read. I think that I can figure out the gist of the piece, only because I've read your earlier Hawaii posts.

    And it seems that the leatherwear does more than I first thought it could do.


  2. Tom: do you think if someone had NOT read the earlier stuff, they would "get it"?

    Yeah, the get up is... well.. definitely a part of the deal here.