Monday, November 8, 2010

[Blogging] Comments Cause Content

I just have to give a big heartfelt thank you to you guys. You're great as readers and I've seen some fantastic comments in the past couple of weeks.

My Weekly Whimsy posts have truly been getting some great discussions going on, and I love it. I truly enjoy sharing ideas and thoughts, as well as listening to other people's viewpoints. At least one or two of you have brought up some things I just never considered, and that's been pretty darn cool.

Some of your comments have directly influenced me and my musings- and some of them have inspired others. I've done some impromptu schedule changes due to an inspiration hitting me out of the comments section in my blog (and now and then at other people's blogs as well). I really find you challenging and exciting to interact with.I have a couple of responses to comments up my sleeve pretty soon. (Harald and grumhelden- you've both given me something pretty cool to work on, thank you.)

While I have a list of topics and a fairly regular schedule I intend to stick to, I like hearing what you have to say. I'd love your opinions on future topics, questions, or suggestions on things I need to ditch.
You read that right- I said schedule. I finally have a good handle on what I'm doing when. It's generally going to be pretty close to this:

Monday- Blogging
Tuesday: 40K
Wed: RPG session write-ups
Thursday: Mom-related
Friday: Eile stories (for at least a couple more weeks; then I don't know)
Sat-? (maybe a day off?...)
Sunday- Weekly Whimsy

Let me know what you think of this- Does it suck?

In the spirit of this feedback oriented post; I'd like to ask Harald over at Book of Worlds to share more (if he can without spoiling for his players) about his GM style, his process and what he does when those 'guys with stones' push him against a wall.

Also, Nikephoros- MORE PICTURES! I loved your bike posts and would love to see more of that.

See? I know how to dish it out, and I can take it. I'm a work in progress, but I love improving.

Be Well.


  1. It's very good to read that you're having fun with blogging and connecting with others. Keep up the great work :-)

  2. Pictures of what? Minis I painted? Bike stable pictures? Gratuitous shots of my chiseled leg muscles?

    Ask and ye shall receive.

  3. I think the schedule looks fine. It's a good idea to take a day off. That way you can step back and relax a little. Y'know, recharge the creative juices.


  4. Nice dense schedule...:) Good Luck! Im finding my own schedule has failed already lol.

  5. ...and I've enjoyed your ponderings of late - thanks!

    - Chris.

  6. Hmm, is there anything in particular you're thinking about, Loq?

    I have a mind to do some reflective posting in the future, but I haven't reflected quite enough yet. But if you have any particular questions, I'll do my best to answer to your satisfaction.

    I like the schedule. It looks neat and tidy, and a day off is a good thing - don't want to burn out, right.

  7. Best wishes with the posting schedule, I admire your dedication to making World of Wonder more and more awesome all the time. It's obvious why things have taken off in such a fantastic way here, congrats and keep up the good work!