Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[40K] Update, Upsells, and Ugh- I don't get it

So it's time for a Mexi-Marines update! I've had them on the backburner- a lot of real life stuff got in the way, and the real truth: I got stuck.

TheDude had his brilliant color scheme in mind, I went at it like gangbusters. I did the jetpacks and they turned out absolutely brilliantly. Here's a good example of the final pack:

I painted happily along and got them all done. Things were pretty good until I got to the details. Things like: hoses, belts, weapons, helmets, etc. With the exception of eyes, TheDude is letting me do whatever I think works.

Finding a balance with this color scheme is pretty tricky- I don't want any one element to overwhelm the already schizophrenic look of these guys. I tried something subtle- grey hoses. They sucked. See?

TheBoy suggested a tan or leather look- something suggestive of having torn apart bandoliers to use as makeshift hoses until something else could be cobbled together.

Here's what I've got so far. I think it probably needs a light drybrush or highlight, but I like the look much better.

I have to figure the "hoods" and "housings" for the Termies- I've got them Astronomicon Grey right now to keep them neutral until I get a grip on what I want to do. My next problem is weapons, which look like crap.

I tried a light coat of Gunmetal with a Griffon Sepia Wash, and it looks terrible. I'm not sure where to go with it, but this isn't it.

You can see a bright spot on this guy- I didn't screw up the chest eagle!

I'm saving a lot of cleanup and finalization for after I get a better sense of how everything will "fit together" and have all the parts figured out if not painted. So, yes these guys are messy. I advertise myself that way!

So the update is over- now, for something completely different! A couple guys are trying to seel their armies and I figured I'd throw out a word to the masses and see what happens. 

There's an absolutely beautiful, wonderfully painted Eldar army up first (yes, it's the one I considered a while back). My buddy  is trying to find a home for the following force:

(All painted unless noted otherwise) $350.00, grav tanks, webspinner, and two Codexes (Eldar & Eye of Terror) for free, plus old rulebook

1 Avatar

4 Farseers with various weapons

8 Warlocks with various weapons

4 Dark Reapers

1 Dark Reaper Exarch

10 Rangers

5 Warp Spiders

7 Howling Banshees

Jain Zar, Howling Banshee Exarch

20 Guardians w Shuriken catapults

1 Lascannon & crew

1 Starcannon & crew

1 D-Cannon & crew

1 Webspinner (unassembled/unpainted)

10 Dire Avengers

2 Old school War walkers

2 Vyper jet bikes

6 Jet bikes

2 Falcon grav tanks (partially assembled/unpainted)

1 Fire prism (partially assembled/unpainted)

1 Resin Wave Serpent kit (turns a Falcon into a Wave Serpent)

His army is lovely! And a deal. Email with questions or interest.

This same buddy has a WHFB collection of goodies. They include:

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Cult of Slaneesh Dark Elves (140 figures) $300.00

(All unpainted)

1 Dark Elf Champion

3 Dark Elf Sorceresses

24 Witch Elves

22 Dark Elves with repeater crossbows

40 Dark Elf Spearmen (2 regiments of 20, includes standard bearer, musician, and leader)

7 Dark Riders

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers & crews

7 Cold One Knights (unassembled)

6 Daeomanettes on Steeds of Slaneesh (unassembled)

Morathi on Dark Pegasus (unassembled)

10 Daemonettes of Slaneesh (unassembled)

Chaos Warriors Regiment (12 figures, unassembled)

All old Warhammer books (thrown in for free)

Again- let me know and I'll help you get in touch with him. 

Next up, a different  friend has a Tau "Cheese" Army to get rid of ASAP. No price listed- but if you're interested, let me know and I'll get you in touch with him. Most items are unpainted but are in various stages of completion.

List is as follows:

10 Crisis battlesuits

3 Broadsides

4 Skimmer bodies (enough to make 2 hammerheads and 2 devilfish)

9 Stealth suits

30+ firewarriors

24 Kroot

May also part with several Forgeworld Battlesuits as well:

2 XV-9 Battle suits

4 magnetized XV-84 Battlesuits

3 Forgeworld Broadsides

That's done, too. Next- 

I am trying to understand CSM. I don't like them. I think they are UGLY, UGLY, UGLY, and some more, UGLY. However, they get all the good bitz and the best conversions I've seen are CSM. I'm finding myself perhaps straying into just the slightest, oh so slightest, interest in those crazyed dudes of all directions.

Is there any cure? I don't want to like them- and honestly, I don't. But I love their TOYS!!!! What's a girl to do? I mean, really- they have the best accessories this side of the Warp. How can I resist? Help. Please; please, please help.

Maybe drooling over my Holy Exarchs will help. hm....Emperor's Chosen, I'm over here. Love that visor... Ok, that worked, for now.

Tell me all the bad stuff about CSM so I can make a file to reference while I wait for my dudes to arrive. I'll need it!

Be Well!


  1. Well, gameplay wise, the CSM are in a bit of a tough spot right now. Sure they get lots of cool daemonic weapons and whatnot but in most competitive spheres their tactics pretty much boil down to Obliterator spam and Lash of submission. That's not to say that they can't do more and are still a very viable army, but they have one power build... and Wolves/Blood Angels do their schtick way better.

    Speaking of Obliterators, they are ugly. Ugly as sin. And being almost necessary choices in the army... yeesh. Granted I've seen some sweet conversions, but without the work they just look terrible.

    And if you want to learn about all of the (at least supposed) slights against the Chaos players of eld that is (apparently) the current codex just check out any forum. Guaranteed that every week there will be a new post in the general section about how much they got screwed over.

    Plus, Chaos is the way of the traitor. If your thoughts do not return to the purity of His Emperor's Angels of Death, I'm sure I can arrange for a Commissar to visit you shortly...

  2. If you like the toys that Chaos gets, you should check out Space Wolves. They get almost as many toys, plus in some cases they get better toys (Thunder wolves and Wolf Claws for examples).

    Conversion opportunities abound for the wolves, plus they are quite strong and the codex provides a lot of good options.

  3. Time for a racially insensitive joke...

    They aren't Mexi-marines unless they have a Rhino with an airbrushed virgin mary mural on the side and Old English font lettering on the back.

    ...end racially insensitive joke.

  4. And the Rhino has to be lowered!

    For the weapons (chainswords and the like) you might try using gold for the pommel and silver for the "blade", and do the grip in a reddish leather.

    As to CSM, does the list still have daemonettes in the army? I always thought about doing a Fantasy army that uses them and then also using them for a 40K Chaos army.


  5. Not Deamonettes in particular. They have summoned lesser daemon. You can certainly use daemonettes to represent them. Lesser Daemons are actually pretty cool, and let you do some things the other daemons could not.

    Umm, as far as helping you out loquacious, ummm, Most of CSM have some kind of bunny hat. It's why my daughter likes my Khorne Berzerkers.

  6. @Loq - If you like the Chaos options and general craziness but not the specific look of the official CSM models, play around and find a look you would like, such as using the basic black templar look. Less spikes, horns, metal rims and arrows, more flowing, seals/tabards, sleeker helmets/armor and so forth.

  7. Perhaps not the style of "Mexi" you're going for, but you could do the weapons like these:


    CSM are fun and can be fairly alluring. I thought I wanted to play them several years ago. I realized, though, that regardless of how cool they were I could never play them because of how much I love the Emperor.

  8. Your colour scheme doesn't need any more intense or bright... I'd suggest darker colours, maybe charcoal or another deep grey / mud / purple.. or get really dark versions of the colours you're already using. It'll add a nice contrast.

  9. Rkik: I think Space Wolves are ugly too. I'm pretty much not allowed to talk about aesthetics at my FLGS as I have said such out loud... =p

    Nike & Tom: I'm actually discussing very seriously putting a servo under the Rhino so it will raise up and down... =) With a little midi card that plays "La Cucaracha"

    CF: Bunny ears- I forgot about that. That's a deterrent for sure!

    Sons: I like what you're saying. I am just not sure how to accomplish it. Are you talking about bits & parts, or a painting style? Or conversions?

    DaveG: There was a brief silly conversation about making the hoses on the Dreads orange, pink & yellow. It was very fun, but quickly negated.

    Really dark reds & greens might do the trick. I'll have to play with a test model & see how it goes.

  10. Zheilt- I saw that and thought about it. But I'm not that good a painter!

  11. Mix and match as desired. Something like:

    Shave the templar cross off and replace with just a skull or a chaos symbol, make the pads red and add black symbol of choice (chaos star, khorne sytlized skull, whatever)and tadah, Chaos Marine.