Saturday, October 16, 2010

[WOD] Austin By Night- Our World As We Know It

Today, I celebrate my daughter's birthday. I made her favorite cookies (white chocolate cherry shortbread) and TheDude will play DaddyMoneybags and take her shopping later this morning.

My daughter turns 14 today. She's beautiful, fun, lively, absolutely adorable and an amazing person. I pinch myself now and then as I watch her growing into an amazing young woman. I'm astounded at how great she is. I'm pretty excited that not only is she fabulous and just downright awesome, she's turning into a gamer as well. 

Later today will be our WOD game, and we'll eat, laugh, and game.My daughter will get to play  Frank (I've given her permission to swear) and/or the Werewolve's totem, and/or any other NPC the ST wants to have her boss around.

Here is the map of our world as we know it.
[IMPORTANT NOTE- this map is a copyrighted piece of work that is not my property.All rights reserved.]



  1. That's a great map and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Happy birthday, Lil' Loq!

    Ms. Loq, how many games are you actually involved in? By my tally, and not counting 40k, it should be at least three.

  3. Harald: Just 2- WOD and HS6E-Hawaii. 40K is an ongoing ....."negotiation"... I'm not actively playing yet but am painting, interested and active in the community. Someday soon, I'll own some bad-ass bastions in black.

  4. Humph. In my old age, my mind isn't always on top of things ;) Two it is.

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! Permission to swear so long as it's in character... now that's awesome!

  6. To all of you- thanks so much for the well wishes for her day. She had a GREAT day and is a pretty happy lady right now.