Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Top X Shout Out- Be More Awesome

Those fabulous guys, Brent, Lauby and Dethtron made me part of IHoP's Weekly Top X! 

I have to say that this is a big step up from where I was just about two months ago, when I first saw the multitude of IHoP announcements pop up across the web. Nearly every 40K site I visited was proclaiming this "new idea" and these crazy guys who were trying to do something different in the 40K blogsphere and BUILD A COMMUNITY. (Anyone who knows me in real life knows this is a HUGE part of what I am trying to do gaming wise- so it struck a nerve. I had to be part of it.)

I read the announcement and marveled at the number of times they swore in a single sentence. I swear that much in real life, but rarely online (go figure). I knew my blog didn't have a focus yet, but I sort of talk about 40K (sometimes) and I figured that maybe the cool kids would let me hang out with them for a bit. I sent off an application letter (but failed in the essay), and they very kindly took me in as part of their nascent experiment.

I read quite a few of the blogs on the rolls and noted how much BETTER most of them were than mine. I knew I wasn't a bad writer, but I lacked anything resembling focus or cohesion. I decided that my blog needed way more awesome so that I could hang with the big boys, and started adding content at a furious pace. I also got some incredible encouragement and guidance from my buddy Christian around this time, and with a little thought and clarity, my blog began to not suck.

All this "blah blah blah" is an obvious and shameless suckup to the masters who have helped make me better. Since that jerk DaveHowitzer at Crew Shaken Not Stirred went and made frickin' COCKTAILS in the IHoP gang's honor, now I have to come up with something equally fantastic in order to stay on their good sides. (Just pointing out that I don't hate Dave- in fact I think he's pretty keen.)

I don't have a "theme" over here, really. I seriously struggled with how to define myself for the Members' Index Page. I'm not an Internet Personality (yet) and I don't have any gimmick to my thoughts or my space on the web. Trying to come up with something that's fitting to ME in order to honor the IHoP guys was a true challenge, but one I knew I could handle.

I ruminated for a bit and then it hit me like the voluminous volume of vocabulary I carry around-my name is my gig. I've gotten a multitude of comments on my online name, and its definition and appropriateness. What I find more than a little amusing is that these folks have no CLUE how much I talk in real life. My chattiness in the e-world is just a hint of what I'm like in reality, so I take a little perverted pride in getting noted for that talent. My haikus were worth notice, so I figured I was onto something.

Being full of words, I decided to come up with acrostic/anagram tributes to IHoP, Brent, Dethtron and Lauby. I've got a couple for each one. One's sort of tongue in cheek and the other's supposed to hit on their qualities in a more serious way. Here you are:

I; "H", Opine Profusely
Internet Houses Outrageous Perspectives

Brent's Really Excellent;  Not Typical
BoK Regular, Exceptionally Noteworthy Typings

Long Address; Underrepresented Blog, Yanno
Laudible, Authentic, Understated; Best Yet

Defiantly Evanescent, Totally Hot, Thoroughly Rockin', Offering Nonsense
Delivering Evil To Hostile Trollers, Rips on 'Net

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get "Hugs & Gropings" OR "Stalks Jawaballs" into Brent's little tribute. I feel a little shame, but I figure pointing out that Dethtron isn't just an asshat; he's a hottie more than makes up for it. (Dudes in suits are HAWT. Drummers are additionally hot.The end.) Ok, I know that's weird for most of you guys, so I'll stop with the salacious silliness and throw down the challenge-

What will YOU do to make YOUR blog more awesome? It could get you onto the Top X, gain you recognition and fans, and improve the blogging community! Get on it!


  1. I am a jerk in a suit! Woo!!! Not gonna lie, loving the blog and congrats on the Top X =]

  2. I really do need to quit my fence-sitting and finally submit my application to the HoP. I think their all-are-welcome attitude is fantastic and pretty much the ideal for a blogging community. My own stuff tends to be of a PG rating but I definitely appreciate reading people when they're not trying to filter themselves.

    Congratulations on so quickly establishing a unique voice for yourself and for doing such a great job with your World of Wonder. This is now one of the blogs I most look forward to reading. Keep up the loquacious awesomeness!!

    Nice work too on the acrostic tributes, that last one for Dethtron is perfect. And as a former drummer myself, I totally support your pro-drummer bias.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Dave, I coulda been meaner, but decided to lay off till you get to know my weird humor better. Thanks for the congrats.

    JJ, I can't think of a single reason not to be part of this crazy community. You & your Simpsons silliness will be just as welcome as anyone else! Go send in your application and continue to be fabulous!

  4. Oh, Yeah- JJ:

    Thank you so much for that comment. It means a ton to me, especially from you. I'm STILL working on that project (finally making some headway) for you and will email you once I have some info. Can I say "thank you" again without looking like an idiot? I dunno, so I will, and I'll risk looking foolish. Thanks!

  5. I think you're blog is great. And you could have done these vertically to make it so that mention could be made of Brent's proclivity to stalk Jawaballs. For Instance:

    B-ad Mofo With Daemons
    R-eads a lot of blogs
    E-xcellently groomed beard
    N-ot Brent makes him sad
    T-endency to stalk Jawaballs

    Now obviously, I'm not as good at that as you are, but just think of the possibilities.

    I've been following your blog since probably the first day that you joined IHoP, and I think that you are a wonderful writer. My blog is eclectic like yours, and even I have followers and people that read it, so it just takes time to build up. You'll probably pass me up shortly, since you have had so much better of a start.

  6. Dave- I forgot to mention: you're a HAWT jerk in a suit! (suits=HAWT, the end)

    CF: I considered that sort of thing. However, I would have felt obligated to make alliterative rhymes and I was pressed for time.

    I know you've been around a while- you've commented many times; which I appreciate. I adore your blog- it was actually where I first noticed a Louboutin ad that inspired my "On Shoes" post. I don't always have anything relevant to say (I don't play Halo) but I read regularly and enjoy your wackiness. Thanks for your kind words!

  7. Thank you so much for the shout out. You continue to publish wonderfully engaging content. Keep it up. :)

  8. Christian, I think I might swoon! That's pretty mighty praise- thank you very much, Sir. Thanks indeed.

  9. haha, this is great. Though you used up all the good words so now i have nothing left for my own witty rejoinder. But seriosuly, its good to hear that we're getting things right.

  10. This is awesome! And well deserved as well. Not to mention that now I can tell people I used to comment on your blog before you became famous.

  11. Lauby: No way. I only used half! Thesaurses are your friend. Yes, you guys rock. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

    Harald: Thanks! Indeed you can. Your comments are quite helpful and interesting, so I'm glad you've been part of the ride.

  12. 'grats on the shout out - You've got a good blog going here and TheWife is looking forward to reading a perspective from an underrepresented gender in the gaming community.

  13. DaveG- Thanks much for the congrats. I am enjoying your comments on some of my older stuff. I hope you and TheWife enjoy my stuff.

  14. I think you just made me Internet blush....