Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 6)

Bricks Are Heavy- L7

Let’s make our way to the parking lot
Coz I know one of us have got to drop
- Skindred, Bruises

I need some kind of promise
Some kind of submission tonight

Ain't it heavy
Ain't the night heavy
-Melissa Etheridge, Ain't It Heavy

The session begins on the Monday morning after LAST session, when the majority of the Ultras fought some super suits on the mountain outside Honolulu. Lisa/Diamond wasn't present for that fight-she was trying to make amends for mouthing off to 'Nani.

Monday morning, Lisa is out doing errands. Lisa hopes to perform massage and physical therapy on the beach to surfers and locals alike. Lisa is now on her way to the City Hall, to file some paperwork and get permits for a small business.As she heads down the road, Lisa sees something flying overhead- which strikes her as a bit unusual, as she has not seen any air traffic in a couple days. Lisa is curious, and decides to check out the contrails as they move over head.

Lisa follows the contrails around for a while, but can't get any sort of grip on what's going on. She decides to try to get a better view, and heads over to Nokia Tower. [I actually meant The Aloha Tower, but it's irrelevant as the GM went with my goof and all turned out well.] She tries to go up the stairs, but the first one cracks and Lisa is stuck on the ground. She turns to follow the contrails again [it's actually more than one] and sees a parking garage next door.

She heads on up, watching the zooming trails. As she watches, she sees one of them stop on the top of a building nearby. She sees a tall figure in a magenta battlesuit style thing, scanning the horizon. This gets her attention even more fully, and she continues to follow the figures around Honolulu.

What the heck are these guys doing? Weird. 

As she continues to trail the jet-like figures, she sees the second one land on top of a roof. The second suit is massive, at least half again as large as the first one, and red.

That thing is huge! What IS it?

Lisa makes her way over to a pizza place [has a landline phone] and asks to use the phone. She gives the guy a good tip, and she calls Ja'Kel/Jumpshot. She explains the general gist of what's going on, and Jumpshot gathers the rest of the Ultras [except for Freestyle and Syphon] to meet Lisa at the pizza joint. As Lisa is on the phone with Jumpshot, she hears a "whoooooosh, whoomp"  sort of noise. She infers that one of the jet suit guys has landed on the roof of the building. She says as such to Jumpshot and then hangs up the phone.

Lisa goes outside to investigate- casually looking on the roof, and waits for the rest of the gang to appear.

A little later, the other Ultras appear- Jumpshot, SteelWarriror and Jerry Riggs all arrive at the scene. They clue L:isa/Diamond in on the fact that maybe they have faced these battle suits before, but no one sees anything unusual, and there's a bit of recriminations as the group generally disbelieves that Lisa/Diamond actually saw anything.

Lisa gets more than a little frustrated and is about to leave when SteelWarrior decides to check out the roof.

These guys are seriously cramping my style. Maybe I DON'T want to do this after all. 

Shortly after Steel Warrior heads up to the roof, a shot is heard. Steel Warrior is hit, and blasted into the wall across the street.

 See? I wasn't wrong, Something IS here. 

Jumpshot looks up towards the top of the building but sees nothing, [the bad guys can go invisible!] and gets shot by a laser in return. This would normally not be a big deal, but Jumpshot hadn't yet activated his defenses. The burns are gonna leave a mark. Diamond doesn't like this turn of events, but can't get on the roof directly, so she heads over to the parking garage she was on just a few minutes ago.

What the hell? What was that all about? We hadn't even touched them yet.

Once on the roof of the parking garage, Lisa can see one of the two guys she saw previously- the magenta suit. She picks up a light pole, but can't quite make it reach as a bat. So Diamond uses the light pole as a spear, and chucks it across the street- and misses the suit. [These dudes were VERY hard to hit!]  The pole ends up right above the unconscious Steel Warrior, on the building across the street.


Things quiet down- it seems as if the suits have taken off, and Diamond goes down to help Jumpshot. The group calls Agent Williams, who arrives on the scene. There's a jumbled, weird discussion of the events with the point finally being made that the Ultras were attacked without provocation. Lisa takes off to go file her paperwork and after doing so,  heads home.

The other Ultras all end up at Jumpshot's mansion, and then they get in touch with Freestyle for a little conversation and practice using abilities against each other. The later call Diamond, who is home with 'Nani, and invite her to attend the little discussion.

Diamond heads on over to Jumpshot's place. She relents to Freestyle's desire to get a mental picture of the two battlesuits, and lets him take a peek in her head for a moment. The promised 'teamwork building session' breaks down into a long and very infuriating dump on Diamond's inability to fly. Diamond is more than a little mad at this turn of events, and all the ideas for inertia dampering fields just remind her how much she misses her life before weighing 10 tons.

I'd give it all up to be able to surf again. 

Diamond decides to go home- the Ultras are not doing anything to help her, and she's ready to throw in the towel on the whole Ultra thing at the moment.

Before Lisa left for Ja'Kel's place, 'Nani mentioned that she had a surprise for Lisa, and would leave it on the bed. Lisa gets home, and finds :

[Quoting verbatim fromt he GM's note] A lingerie set, black, lacy, thigh high platform boots, not very revealing, with a choker with a padlock on it. The material seems unusually sturdy.

Lisa follows the obvious intentions, and puts the items on. As she puts the boots on, there's no cracking or breaking underneath her, and she doesn't feel as heavy. She puts the choker on, and while the material is somewhat stretchy, as she goes to lock the padlock, the material strengthens, and Lisa can't move as easily as before. She sits on the edge of the bed, and she doesn't make nearly the indentation she normally does.

[This is the end of the session. The GM has told me out of character some of  what is going to happen to Diamond, and I can't wait to see how it goes. He's a truly evil & twisted GM, and I love his imaginative way of doing things.]

Bonus material: My friend Tom painted this HeroClix figure up as Diamond! Check it out!


  1. Oh dear, surfing would be a little challenging if you literally sank like a stone each time you tried to paddle out!

    Great mini!

  2. I must say that even if I enjoy reading your play-reports, as a GM I find it a bit frustrating not to have the whole picture ;) But that's one of the hazards of the job, I believe.

  3. I like that your character can't do what she used to love to do, and that she is finding out that there are certain things she can't take for granted anymore, like walking upstairs or taking an elevator.

    I just rebuilt one of my favorite pseudo-brick PCs...Dwarfstar (3 levels of density increase linked to 3 levels of shrinking).